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  1. I'd be more concerned that he was advertising that he has "assault" weapons. It takes one organized gang to gather intel by following, watching, and then taking your stuff when your away. Sorry about that, but I'm cautious about advertising. Mike
  2. I've wondered if anyone has had Bill Springfield work on their 308AR triggers? For less than $50 you get stock to very crisp breaks. Just wonderin'. I have not, but have several sets of 308/5.56 triggers laying around, and would consider having Bill work on them. His URL is triggerwork.net .
  3. Sorry I've been off for awhile. All hips are now bionic, and working a new gig in the department. Since '82 I have been Army MP for 6 years, and then into Law Enforcement with the Sheriff's Office, here in Ohio. I do not plan on retiring, I'm only 48 and feel like the best years are coming up. I may change my mind in another 10 years, but I love interaction (good ones) with the public. Especially if I can make an impact on our future adults. Be safe. Mike
  4. My vote will always be FA. I sold my first build back in March and I forgot the buyer emailed me pics of the targets. The orange targets are at 100yds, and theother with the quarter are 150 yds. I wish I would have shot her at least once! He claims the 150 was at a rapid pace, hence the disparity, I guess....
  5. From what I gather reading everyone's posts, I think the answer is in the original post, and briefly touched on later. He has an Oracle "7.62" and is firing .308 rounds through it. Might want to rechamber for .308... Mike
  6. I envy you. There are plenty of hogs in Wayne and they're moving out to the outskirts. Kill as many of those nasty things as you can. If you need ammo, stop by and I'll give you some more. My kids sports are in full swing and the only thing I'm collecting is sunburns on a lightly haired scalp! I'm just awaiting one poor hog with bad timing to hit my neighborhood! Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  7. I totally agree on getting the tools and doing it yourself. I purchased a DPMS 4 rail for my AP4, and bought the sight tool, combo wrench from Brownells. It's pretty straight forward. If not sure, study several videos to get a feel for how the weapon works. The one I use most is Midways AR-15 video, but you can use the free ones offered by Brownells also. Just pay attention to how things go together.
  8. That's great shootn there! <thumbsup> Nice tight group at 200, have you tested for distance yet? It would be intresting to see how you group at 600. I wish I had those young eyes again. Keep it up!
  9. Has anyone used one of these optics yet? I have one on backorder from DGS Arms. It seems to be simple, put the battery in and turn it on. The big thing is that you leave it turned on, and that the battery can last for 3 years. I don't know if it will stand up to the 308ar or just keep it on the 5.56, just can't find enough info on which one to use it on.
  10. Nope. Couldn't even tell you where it is. I've been looking for an outdoor range for my rifle, but haven't found one yet.
  11. I'm just a smidge north in Canal Winchester. Been living in Ohio all my life except military time. I'm mostly from Amish country,but transplanted here in the late 80's. Mike
  12. Well, I meted out a little revenge, a local shop here had Bushy 5.56 lowers for $99, so I bought it in hopes of raising a smaller baby from the fire. Can never have to many projects awaiting, it's just a matter of getting motivated to finish it. Plus I have converted another to the 308 realm!
  13. Well, taxes came a callin' from last years stupid decision to cash in an old retirement fund and use it to build my 1st 308. I put like $2600 into it and never got to fire it :'( Ended up selling it to a fireman, and I hope he gets to enjoy it more than I did. Let's see if I can attach a pic here,
  14. I have both the Timney and Gold. They are both comparable, but the Gold just has a "hair" better feel to it. The Timney is on CQ rifle, and the Gold on the Long Range build. So both have different purposes, but feel about the same. Although for the price I should love the Gold alot more! ;)
  15. It will take a million years more to change that DNA! Poor thing has to live like they know something...
  16. I hope they have 308 ejection port covers. The only place I could find them was at DPMS. Is this item something DPMS specific or for all 308 covers?
  17. 7.62fan


    I've been either lucky or not to have had at least one handgun from all of the current and past manufacturers. For durability you can't beat a Ruger. However, I always seem to migrate back to Smith & Wesson, mostly the short barrel versions. I have a 642 and "Bounty Hunter" 29. The 29 is great. I didn't think much of it at first, especially with the tacky "Bounty Hunter" lasered into the right side of the barrel. But I finally (3 yrs later)went out and shot it, and was extremely surprised in it's handling and accuracy of Win 240 JSP at 75ft. It completely changed my thinking of the 44 for SD, although maybe trimming the velocity down to Special +P.
  18. I also like the German DAG ammo. Great plinking stuff. Really not that dirty either. Plus, I like that it's sealed in 200 round packs.
  19. On the early morning of this day, I would like to thank all the great people of this land for their service to their country, be it, Federal, State, and Local. This day had a profound effect on this Country in 2001. I will never forget it. God Bless you and Keep you Safe.
  20. Thanks guys. I think I'll start from the beginning with ammo and work my way up to max distances with each. I was originally concerned with the twist rate, then after listening to you guys and Clint, I don't think I have anything to worry about. Other than trying to see that darn target that far away!!!! ;)
  21. We really didn't talk about a return. I was more concerned about stabilization, and not having to take it apart to return it (I put a Daniel Defense 12.0 Lite Rail on, it took a good while to put it on!). As soon as I get it ready to test, I try the different weights. But, Clint stated that the 1-12 twist was a great twist rate, and that the 18.5 barrel would have no problems. I'll kind of lean on his expertise in this matter. If not, I guess I could try and return it. But if it doesn't work, I'd wonder if he would be willling to take it back used?? I'm in a catch 22, the problem has been identified, now, do I act or take his word on it's twist rate?? I could see them saying no, once I tried the barrel and didn't like it. I guess worst case scenario, I could just shoot the lighter pills...
  22. Over the past weekend, I was finally able to put together my FA Titan barrel to a DPMS platform. Everything was going great, until I noticed the twist rate as '1-12'. I had ordered the barrel back in May and never checked it upon arrival. But according to their website they indicate that it's a '1-10' twist rate. I was a little concerned and emailed and phoned FA today. I spoke with Clint and he reassured me that the 1-12 is a great twist rate and that he finds that the bullet barely stabilized coming out of the tube is usually the most accurate. Is there any major difference to the twist rates or the bullet weights needed for 600 yd shots. That is, 1-10 vs 1-12, with lets say 168 SMK, with an 18.5" barrel. The reason for 600 is because my older eyesight can only handle that range at best. Maybe I need to eat more carrots! Thanks for the input.
  23. Welcome to the greatest 308ar site available. There is alot of intelligent people on this site. Unfortunately, I ain't one of 'em! I don't reply often enough, just when I get the urge... Mike
  24. I have a Timney and SR Gold. I haven't tried the Gold though. I'm still waiting for the boss to leave for a day so I can build it! The Timney is one piece and easy to install. It breaks clean and I haven't had any light strikes with any rounds. I would call it dependable. It all depends what your looking for, FWIW, I believe they are all in the same ball park, just what side of the field you want to play on?
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