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And Now For Something Completely Different

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In Arizona, while there are a couple of gumptard bills, there are more which are beneficial to the firearms community.

Bills have been introduced to:  get rid of the upper age restriction on unorganized militia members (was 45, Tom was sweating it), to standardize training and allocate funds for training of the unorganized militia, ensuring that there will be NO restrictions on proper rifles or pistols for the same, ensuring that confiscated firearms will no longer be destroyed by municipalities (which is already against the law), and that those siezed arms are resold in a manner to benefit the UO militia.

Additionally are upgrades to verbage more properly defining a firearm as one that uses hot gas from a burning powder or burning propellant (not a compressed gas) to expel a projectile.

Battle lines are being drawn!!



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Hell yeah, man - research Captain Samuel Whittemore, and Hezekiah Wyman ("Death on a Pale Horse").  That's from back at the start of the Revolutionary War, at Concord and Lexington Green.  As soon as I gather a little bit more "gray," I'm there.  ;D

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