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There just may be hope for my state yet


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This may seem a little long-winded. But it was a breath of fresh air for me to see stuff like this come from a Maryland state official. And I also applaud all of the sheriffs that spoke thier mind to the bleeding heart liberals that run this state.

“Elected” Sheriffs and “Rank and File” Police Officers OPPOSE Gun Control and specifically, SB 281/ HB 294.

The following Video “link” SPEAKS VOLUMES.  The video is of Maryland Sheriffs, representing the 24 “Elected” Sheriffs of the Maryland Sheriffs’ Association (MSA), testifying in OPPOSITION to Gun Control Legislation and specifically in OPPOSITION to SB 281 / HB 294.  The video shows the “Elected” Sheriffs testifying at March 1, 2013 “Gun Control Hearings” conducted before the Maryland House of Delegates’ Judiciary Committee and the Maryland House of Delegates’ Health and Government Operations Committee.

The Maryland State Lodge, Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) representing over 23,000 active and retired Maryland State, County, Bi-County, Municipal and Federal, rank and file, Law Enforcement Officers has also taken a position of vehement OPPOSITION to Gun  Control Legislation and specifically in OPPOSITION to SB 281 / HB 294. This position of FOP OPPOSITION also SPEAKS VOLUMES.

                      Delegate Kevin Kelly’s following POSITION OF OPPOSITION to Gun Control Legislation and Delegate Kelly’s POSITION OF SUPPORT for the Second Amendment.

Dear Supporter of the Second Amendment:

Initially I take this opportunity to thank you for your recent email whereby you expressed adamant opposition to additional Gun Control initiatives which will be introduced in the 2013 Legislative Session of the Maryland General Assembly.  Since I have been literally inundated by communications such as yours, I hereby respond to same, and simultaneously set forth my sentiments on Gun Control.

By manner of introduction I am a six term Delegate to the Maryland General Assembly representing Allegany County.  I am an attorney by profession and during my entire twenty three years as a member of the General Assembly I have been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.  It should be noted the Judiciary Committee is the Committee to which all House of Delegates “Gun” initiatives are assigned.  On a personal note, I am lawful owner of firearms and on numerous occasions I have been honored by various Pro – Gun Organizations for my staunch, unwavering support of the Second Amendment.  Further, I possess an “A+” NRA rating.

I totally share your assessment that the current Legislative Session will unfortunately serve as a giant soapbox for Anti-Second Amendment zealots to spew their Gun-Hating venom and to pursue their Gun-Prohibition agendas.

Facts, statistics and common sense will be totally ignored as certain individuals jockey before the media to get their “on air” and/or “in print” opportunity to demonize the NRA and the Second Amendment Rights which the NRA protects and promotes. Simultaneously, many of these “Bashers” of the Second Amendment will utilize their media opportunities to demean those who support the Second Amendment;  inferring such individuals “are of a lesser sophistication.” 

The Gun-Haters will proclaim to the media “They support the Second Amendment” and they only intend to make “reasonable and responsible changes to the gun laws.”  However, these same individuals will never legitimately pursue investigation of the true causes of violence in our society, specifically, broken homes, children born out of wedlock, absence of family structure, pervasiveness of drugs, street gangs, issues of a failed Mental Health System and the promotion/ glorification of violence in movies, on television and in video games, all of which serve to desensitize youth to the actual carnage caused by violence.

Further penalizing lawful gun owners and denying Second Amendment rights to these law abiding individuals will not reduce violent crime. On the contrary, the opposite is true.  If law abiding citizens are denied their Second Amendment right to own firearms, then in that event, the only people to have guns will be the criminals.  As such, you may be assured I will continue to oppose, and I will continue to vote against, any and all Anti - Second Amendment, Gun Control initiatives.  Finally, I submit for your review the following email, statistical information and news article which you may find of interest.

Once again, your expression of Second Amendment support is deeply appreciated and if I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Kevin Kelly, Delegate

Allegany County


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Great read brother Ron,It tells me the L.E.O. in the field is no different than any other working person in that they have a job to do and at the end of the day want to return home safely.And the difference between an apointed lacky,and a elected member that understands the reality of the situation.NO ONE should be made a victim to the evil of predators.Everyones deserves the right to protecting themselves.......So much for taking a trip to Puerto Rico WTF.

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Policeone.com is running a survey right now with it's members (active & retired LEO's and an occasional troll that slips through) on gun control laws and their effectiveness. I'll post the results here when they come out, but I have no doubt the survey will show the majority in favor of CCW and unrestricted civilian ownership of large cap mags and military style sporting rifles and against further gun legislation.

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