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Looking to build my first 308


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Good Evening- I'm so glad I found this website. There are many great posts and some good reads..

So now to my questions - I recently picked up my Mega Arms MA TEN receiver set. It had a DPMS lower parts kit, buffer assembly, and 6 position collapsible stock already installed. Basically I think I need a barrel with gas block, gas tube, and BCG. I am more than aware of the VERY limited availability if not impossibility of obtaining parts these days. As much as I would like to have my rifle out on the range already, I want to take my time and build a high quality rifle that will be very accurate. I know with the MA TEN set up I have the option of going either AR or LR route. Which is preferred? Is it just a personal preference? To me there seems to be a whole lot more LR part manufactures, so parts might be more available if I go that route.

As I've been browsing the internet I have started putting items in my "shopping carts" on different websites. I have been leaning towards using a Fulton Armory Bolt Carrier, a DPMS gas key, DPMS bolt component pack, and eventually a JP enhanced bolt. Will this make for a quality BCG? Are there any recommended part upgrades that I should consider?

As for a barrel I've had my eye on either the 22" Fulton Armory Heavy Weight 1:12 or the Rainer Arms 24" UltraMatch 1:10. For the gas block I would probably be using a JP adjustable low profile, a DPMS rifle length gas tube, and a Lancer carbon fiber extend handguard ('cause I think it looks cool). Once again any upgrades?

Eventually I plan on swapping out the DPMS trigger and changing to a rifle length buffer system (maybe the JP captured spring) and a PRS stock.

Does this sound like a quality build? Is there anything that I am missing? I am completely open to any suggestions. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share...

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Armalite or DPMS is personal preference. Neither is readily available. You probably have a better chance getting a DPMS type BCG. Fulton and DPMS BCG's are the same. Do you really need those long barrels? Both are quality but the Rainier should theoretically be a little better. In the end it's splitting hairs. Today it's all about what you can get. Not what you want. If you go the want route you could be waiting over a year.

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Welcome to 308AR, i'm a novice but I can tell you that I regret buying a ((20")) med/heavy weight barrel. It all depends on what your intended use will be, if it's just going to be used at the range then no problem, you will not enjoy toting that 22"-24" around much tho! (HEAVY & AWKWARD)

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to add on the barrel discussion, unless you are shooting over 800 yards, you won't see any real improvement from a 20" match barrel to 24. more or less as vague rule of thumb a 16 is good to 600 yards, 20 to 800, and 24 to 1000+. You may want to consider these guys on the barrel as well, you can custom order a barrel how you want it, which is nice




you are probably better off trying to source a complete BCG right now vs parts, particularly if you think you may switch to the jp bolt later. there is one place that has a preorder open



I have no idea what the company or the quality of their products is like though, so i'm not endorsing them, just sharing what someone else posted here.


that handguard looks nice, but as has been mentioned you may be at the whim of what you can actually get vs what you want, unless you are willing to wait an unlimited amount of time. I'm building my first AR 308 (LR style) and started basically Jan 1st. I won't have all the parts till the end of April, and I as much as possible went with "what I can get", with just a couple of "what I really want" thrown in.

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