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LWRCI's stand on selling in restricted areas

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This is the response from LWRCI (Darren Mellors VP.) to a thread I started about a week ago on their website. The thread was quickly locked (the poll was not going in their favor) Although I don't agree with everything he says he does make some good points.....

This is the last I want to hear about this on the forum because it is a waste of your and our time. Larue et al have already accomplished the goal of getting the news headline and the positive public response.

We are diligent fighting similar legislation in our state, and you want us to make a ceremonial announcement in NY that says we don't care about law enforcement officers? Uh....we have our own battle right now. It thy will be done next week.

You really think this hair brained PR stunt by a couple of small companies is going to teach Cuomo a lesson? Fat chance. He doesn't care!!!

There are many LEO's in NY that still use Reising Subguns, and mini 14's. Cuomo and NY LEA's in general obviously don't care much about guns or cops. Likewise some of you seem to want to write them off too.

Keep in mind, they have a job. They get up, and go to work every day. Some of them are working amidst some of the most violent and well armed organized criminals from the eastern block, the mafia, and drug cartels. Just like you (hopefully) get up and go to work everyday.

Do you always agree with the CEO of the company? Should you be imprisoned or otherwise put in a situation where you didn't have what you needed to keep you safe while doing your job?

I hate to tell you guys, but the COPS in NY are amongst the strongest advocates for second amendment rights. Not the chiefs maybe. The boys are a brotherhood, and they are more powerful as a single voice than every firearms manufacturer in the country. NYPD is larger than the entire Candian Armed Forces to give you an example. What you should be doing is asking THEM how you can help. Sending money to groups taking this law to court, etc.

We don't sell much in NY. Other than Glock, and Colt nobody does. I could jump on the bandwagon and make a goofy statement like the rest of these guys. It wouldn't effect our bottom line one little bit either way. We could say "hey, there is no risk in making this announcement, and we will score public perception points." Nope. It sends a message to NY cops, and cops around the country that we are willing to "leave them behind." To use their lives as leverage.

Most LE in NY have to buy their own patrol rifle if they need one for work. Just like you have the RIGHT to defend yourself, so do they. Unlike Cuomo, we are not about taking peoples rights away. Tit for tat doesn't work in this case.

Making sure the monkeys who pushed this through don't get re-elected, and are shamed for the rest of their lives does work. Until the political system breaks down, we have certain tools to effect change. This is outside of all of them. Cuomo pounded this through without regard for public opinion or the second amendment. He will pay, they will pay more attention next time. Obviously everybody was ASLEEP at the wheel because OBAMA, and CUOMO were elected in the first place.

All these announcements do is send a clear message to the brave LEO's in NY that we are leaving them behind. We are NOT willing to use their lives as leverage. At the end of the day accomplishes nothing. Neither we, nor larue, nor Olympic arms or anybody other than the real big boys sell anything of consequence in NY.

Quit wasting your valuable time lobbying manufacturers with this stuff. You should instead PHONE the GOV and your reps. The mass emails aint working. They are not even reading them. It got us a news headline, but is entirely ineffective going forward. Are you calling every dealer and distributor who can sell WHATEVER they want to NY? What you are trying to accomplish is IMPOSSIBLE. I couldn't even prevent our product from selling to NY if we wanted to as we sell to distribution like everyone else.

One of the lobby groups here in MD checked the names of the people who registered to testify to the legislature against the MD gun ban to see how many were registered to vote. Guess what, less than 40% were. This is a sampling of people who are actively participating in a public hearing. What is the percentage of gun owners registered to vote who couldn't have been bothered? They were elected. We are either outnumbered, or we just didn't turn up to make sure these wackos didn't get elected.




Dileas Gu Brath

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