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Guerilla Gardener


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Gangster gardening,love it simple yet effective.Wife said people are coming in now 30's and 40's with health issues that are for thoses in there 60's.Great link brother,garden is on my to do list for the summer.That would bring back memories of my grandparents. :D Love it.

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great link!


a friend of mine posted on my FB a few days ago when i was bitching about leeches, basicly the give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for a life time. why dont we teach people to grow stuff and can stuff, besides the fact that people are lazy. my girl friends mom works at a place that takes in donations and food and distriubes in to low income families, you should see the poop we get because they "cant give it to people" "because it isnt useful to these people". ive prolly got 150$ of penzy spices the other day because they cant use it, bullpoopy you cant use it may not beable to put it on your mac and cheese but if you were alil self saficiant you could use the poop outta it, i know i will!!! some times tho a big box store will jsut take a pallet and load it with stuff and donate it and there is stuff on there like WTF are you donating this to basicly a food pantery, but they dont care they get their write off.

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Yup...same thing we were talking about when Louisiana destroyed the venison.


One house in our neighborhood has a frontyard garden.  We'll be next.


We're working on getting the backyard into aquaponics.





that was the exact story i had shared on my FB page and her and i were talking about

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