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Steeeeee-RIKE Two!


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Well we made it to the range again this morning, with my student and his Hogan .308 rifle.


The sheet from their service department stated all they did was lube it, then ran a few round through it.  They also must have reworked the takedown and pivot pins and/or lug holes, as the pins can now be pushed with no tools (though much harder than either of my RRA or the BCM/2VA AR).


As his frustration built with his $3k POS, as luck would have it, one of the foremost riflemen in the world showed up at the range...who also happens to work at the retailer where the rifle was bought.


As we discussed how the cases would only extract every other round, the difficult extraction, the extractor ripping a piece off of every other rim, he stated "If I had purchased it for that amount, I'd just drive it up to the factory...especially since they claim they fixed it."


So pitch number three is going to be walking into the Hogan shop directly.


I'll keep everyone updated.



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  • 2 weeks later...

My student went to the Hogan factory, with rifle.  Said it was an unmarked building, with no signs or anything, and that the owner was surprised the rifle came back (again?).


The very first thing they told him was not to use regular lube, only the lube that comes with the rifle...which was none.  So they cleaned it, lubed it with their stuff, then started firing and jamming rounds.  He left the rifle there while he went to run errands.


Upon his return they said the receiver was too tight and that "they fixed it", proceeding to run 40 no-fail rounds through it.


So Friday we're going to the range (again) to sight it in, after remounting the scope.


We'll see...



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heres a recent hogan horror story from arizona shooting. after 3 trips back to hogan (and lots of being ignored in between trips) and still not working, his LGS let him swap it out for a sig716. lots of bad press on these guys lately. hope they get their crap together because they seem like nice rifles.



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