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Falcon Optics? Anyone using one on their setup?

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I'm kind of a buy once cry once kinda guy, so here I am, the only thing really keeping me from what I REALLY want to put on a DPMS SASS I have not even had my hands on yet is a money.


I run a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56mm MLR mil/mil HS ZS (SFP) on my AR50-A1


I run a Falcon Optics 4-14x44mm ML16 mil/mil (FFP) on my Marlin 882SSV .22mag


I'm between a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 MLR mil/mil HS ZS (SFP) or a Falcon Optics 5-25x50 ML16 mil/mil (FFP) for this SASS.  I'll be using a LaRue QD LT104 mount for this application.  I do not expect to be able to shoot much beyond 300m with most shots less than 200m.


I'm wondering if anyone has more experience with the Falcon Optics 5-25x50 ML16 mil/mil (FFP) they might be willing to share with me.


The biggest issue potential I see with this setup is beyond 700m.  The total internal adjustment of the FO is under 20 mRad, the NF is better.  The 44mm FO is nearly the same as the NF in 50mm.  I had the 44 on an M14 for a little while, I decided I wanted to go a little bigger, which is why I haven't already ordered another 44.







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Works great, a little top heavy even with the laminate stock I upgraded but she has never tipped over.  I like the FO, I did play a little in a snow storms at 200yds once from a covered position, just working the bolt and dropping the hammer as fast as I could with 40gr Win FMJs resulted in a nice 6" 15rd group.  I don't get out to often with the ol gal, she was the first rifle I ever owned, no idea on the round count but she's not going anywhere.


The FO has done pretty well for me in the past.

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My first FO was purchased from RW Snyder Gunsmithing in Iowa, but he no longer sells them.  He recommended SWFA.com so I'll go with them.  They have impressed me in the past too.  I'm still considering the burn my bank account will take on the NF.  Something tells me the NF will be able to handle the recoil better, especially with a FCS30 brake installed.  

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I say stick to your "buy once cry once motto"  I looked at the Falcons,Millets and others but I just can't get past the made in China labels.There's some great compromises to be had in the $700-$1200 range, just saying <dontknow>



(Yes I know most glass comes from Japan,Vortex is made in the Philippines,etc,etc....) It's a personal thing, I just don't like red communist fkucs! >:D

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Well, haven't even sent the payment yet but I went with the Nightforce. Missed a SICK deal on a Nightforce F1 with FFP and the MLR2 which I love for the same price as the used NF I'm going to pick up. I hope the seller decided not to sell because I think I would have liked that scope more. I will be very happy with this setup, no doubt. Not happy about what I'm spending though.... even at the price I'm paying it still more than I wanted to spend at the moment. Anyways, thanks for letting a guy whine in public. :binkybaby:

Edit: payment sent.

Edited by subwofer2
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