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TRUST help...


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I've been wanting to get suppressors since last year, i was looking through documents from guntrustlawyers(?) and it looks easy enough. I never went for it because it was asking for a trustee  other than myself, which is a problem for me.... I'm single and I'm not really close to anyone here in the US, other than a couple of family members that has antigun mentality. So hell no i aint jotting them down as a trustee

Can i use someone that's overseas? This brings me to my second concern. I'm a legal permanent resident here(greencard) and is already eligible for US citizenship. I will apply for US citizenship next year. I assume it's ok for me to own class III firearms even though i'm not a US citizen yet.


for the trust, is it ok to jot down non-relatives, like friends etc.... do i have to let the "trustee" know that i used them for my trust? My main concern is whether i can use my sibling overseas, which is a non US citizen, as a trustee or not. 



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In general regarding trusts, it can be anyone in any country. But for a trust to be effective for this sort of purpose, I think the trustees would have to be people who can legally possess the possessions of the trust. In a nutshell, if you were to die unexpectedly all he possibly could do is resell the items held by the trust. Even that I'm kind of wishy washy about though, given how he wouldn't be legal to own it here, wouldn't necessarily be legal for him to be on US soil....


Its an interesting topic. It can definitely be non-relatives though, there is no requirement on that part. What this makes me wonder is if you can assign another type of entity to the trust - like a corporation. Could you put your gun range as a trustee? Or some other group? A charity organization? so that ownership falls to them if something happens to you. No idea on that.


Note i'm not a lawyer by any stretch, just basing what I said on how I understand the laws.

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so everything i put in my trust will go to the trustee? If the trustee is overseas and a non US citizen, whats gonna happen  ???. If we can put other things in the trust, i might as well put my high dollar firearms in it. i wanna talk to a guntust lawyer but they charge consultation fee. money suckas -_-"

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Properties/assets are held in "trust" for named parties.  Name your family, and you die, they still have full access to all of it.  Persons may be added or removed as necessary.


You can put everything in a trust from stock portfolios to guns to real estate.  Some lawyers want different trusts for each type of holding, others do one trust with schedules for certain items.  


Under the schedule method, you can say wife has access to A,B,C, but wayward kid only has access to B.


Check it out.



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