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Burris Eliminator Series


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I absolutely love the idea of the Eliminator, almost bought one of the earlier models.  But what stopped me is that I've had other Burris scopes and the optics left a lot to be desired in less than ideal light conditions.  Trying to target shoot while facing a setting sun was almost impossible, while other scopes seemed to filter the glare out better.


The other problem I see is what happens when the electronics crap out after 5 or 10 years and the warranty is only for 3 years (I think).


Like I said, I love the idea, but it's too much money for me to gamble.

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Eotechs are good to go unless they get hot. Aimpoints are better but I am looking for variable magnification up too 500 yds. Tired of lugging around a heavy clump as well(why I sold the M1A). Leupold Hammers are a good choice plus they offer a killer discount for military. Gunna search around. Got nuttin but time.

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Well.......if you're gonna bring it up. The Elcan optics are pretty nice. Pretty pricey.....but pretty nice. You've got the 1x / 4x (or 6x) mag. I've got one on my 10 SBR. Pretty nice. The "flip" feature is pretty sweet. You kinda get the best of both worlds. And durability? Both the EOtech and the Elcan....you could use them as clubs if you needed to.

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Yeah, the ACOG may be big, but keep in mind that it's a combat optic.....on a 16" carbine. Granted....a 7.62 carbine. But the damn thing is durable. Meaning......you can bounce the thing off of the ground and it'll still work. The Elcan.......it's the specter 1x4. Once again...a combat optic. If you had to, you could pull it off of the rail and beat somebody with it. And then....put it back on.


As with all optics....it all comes down to a matter of preference. Everybody has their own expectations with what they get.

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