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dpms g2 imput


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My experience is that 308ARs weight problem is overwhelmingly the barrel. When I break my ARs down, I almost can't tell a weight difference between the complete lowers,  the BCGs are noticable but neither weigh enough to really matter. It's when the stripped uppers are compared that you really feel it.


I've seen perfectly good, battle tested .308 barrels that were far slimer then any .308AR barrel I've seen. I don't think you can fully slim a .308AR barrel down as much as them completely because you still need to fit the chamber area to the upper receiver but I DO think you can come close. I'm not sure why they don't just do that.


 Do that and I don't see much advantage to the DPMS platform. That is, unless you can get it to accept AR-15 front furniture. I get the impression they're really just trying to make it as close to the M4 as possible.


 I myself find the new feed ramps the most potentially exciting thing about it.

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Hi pokey. I have one of the G2 Recons. I love the weight and feel. It isin't much larger than the AR15. It doesn't like military ammo. It does like SMK 168 and 175. It started out shooting 4" groups with military surplus. Shot a box of Federal gold match 168 and less than 2" group at 100yds 20 shots. Loaded up some hand loads of 168's and 175's and did several .5 to .7 groups at 100yds. The bad: it doesn't like upper loads by the hodgdon manual. Lower loads around 2300fps were good. Upper loads showed pressure on the primers and the case bases. Have shot 100 to 150 rounds thru it with no misfires. I love the gun.

Hope this helps.

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