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Pistol grip


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I spend hours reading on how to improve my shooting skills and take what I have read and practice at the range.Like when I started in the trade a senior mechanic told me "you look at how the other guy's do it and you take parts of thier MO and create you'r own method of operation".There are different ways to get to the same result.What works for one doesn't work for other's.In firearms, safety is the #1 rule,no shortcuts there.So I preface this article I found interesting.Hope you do to. http://www.odcmp.org/0314/ACliniconFundamentals.pdf

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Good info Unforgiven,  I've read a few of Massad Ayoob's books on shooting and he talks about putting your first crease on the trigger also, and using a smooth swift rearward sweeping motion instead of the slow squeezing action. Front sight press.  This was mostly in regards to idpa shooting and not bullseye, but I think everyone should try different types of technique to find what suits them best.

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That was a good article, though I am going to have to help you with better explaining that last point about how to grip the gun. 


Some additional notes.The purpose of using the tip of your finger is to keep your finger bone from moving the gun at the handle when firing. When I make pistol grips I carve a "dip" in to the area where your bone moves the handle to reduce the likelyness of that happening. Whether or not using the joint on your finger is better depends on the gun, the hand size/shape of the shooter and the trigger pull. The main issues are whether or not your bone is moving the hanndle of the gun by pulling the trigger that way and whether or not you can pull the trigger that way without accidentally setting the gun off. I myself; being a trigger person have found that there are different ideal solutions for different guns. For example, my HK USP has a fairly average trigger pull and a good but simple handle fit to my hand I've found that; if I touch the joint against the edge of the trigger, I sort of mount my finger there and can then have very good controle of when and how the trigger is pulled. On my 10mm Beretta on the other hand, the trigger on that gun is a custom trigger pull that's virtually identical to that on a S&W revolver, with roughly the same weight, no creek or drag and the trigger set to the back position when cocked just like a S&W revolver. But the handle is one I can very firmly wrap my hand around very snug, so what I do is wrap my finger around the trigger, the crease in the very middle of the trigger, the tip of my finger mounted against the other side of the handle and then use "clinching" of my finger to carefully and precisely pull the trigger which works even in short notice. My CZ-52 has a custom, long handle (front to back) and a trigger like on the Beretta PX4. I shoot that the old fashion way but with my trigger finger mounted against the top or bottom of the trigger guard. In all cases, I am mounting my finger against something solid (side pressure against the USP trigger gives a solid base) in order to assume tight control over when and how the trigger is pulled. I've never fired the USP past 50 yards but I can consistently hit a human silhouet target in the dead zone at 150 yards with both the CZ-52 and Beretta and 300 yards with practice.

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