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WIN 748 Loads


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Buy of opportunity yesterday. Was in a LGS for the fun of it, and he had cases and cases of WIN 748. Only 1 lb-ers. I thought I'd buy two (bottles, not cases) because for 30 years I've wanted to try it, but never got around to it. Who has a pet load for the .308 using WIN 748 and 168 BTHP and 175 BTHPs? Post 'em here. The more, the merrier.

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   It sure is strange that powder is going to local shops ( which is a good thing ) ,but I don't see much of any thing around here , just odd . Most don't like the WW 748 because they say its temperature sensitive . I have used it , a very long time ago & don't know if I have any loading data on it still around .

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You can enter data in the Load Center on Hodgdon's site, and it turns up info for .223 Rem up to 69 grains, and .308 Win in 150gr and 180gr loads.  Nothing in between on the .308 stuff, so it would be experimentation for 165s or 168s, even 175s.




Curious about the numbers I saw for some of the .223 Rem stuff:






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Resurrecting an older thread, I finished testing out the Win 748 in both 5.56 and 7.62. Kind of disappointing overall. Worked acceptably enough in the 5.56 with 77 grainers. Was poor with the 168 grainers in the 7.62. Groups looked like a shotgun blast at 100 yds. Side by side comparison with reloads of 42.8 grains of Match Rifle powder under the Sierra 168 BTHP, the groups shrank to ~2MOA (iron sights).

This is not to denigrate Win 748. I know many others have used it with success, it just doesn't work for me. I'll use up what's left, but keep working with Match Rifle, Varget, Reloader15 and AA2520 (when I can find it.) Really like the Match Rifle so far.

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