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I'm loading again now


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Last year about this time I was doing a round robin test to find OAL for a 168 Amax on top of 44.5 gr IMR 4064 in Hornady .308 Win cases with BR2 primers. I am loading some up now like these and using a 2.810" OAL and will shoot them next weekend in the mountains above me.

Here's the target from last year.



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Yes it fills up to the shoulder line. I would not go higher. It was the hottest I loaded in a string starting from 43.5 gr IMR 4064 and the 168 amax. No pressure signs all thru the OCW test. 16" barrel and I don't have velocity data. I'm bringing my PACT meter for shooting these this time and I'll inform on that next week.

FWIW... JP Supermatch barrel, JP LMOS BCG & adjustable gas block

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That load sounds pretty hot, unless you're using Winchester brass.  In my rifle, 42.8gr of 4064 in LCLR brass and the 168 SMKs starts to leave ejector marks.  So I'm going to use wither 41.8 or 42.7.  Currently 41.8 shoots .8moa at 300yds, on average with about 5.0 moa come up from a 20".

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16 " barrel will show less pressure signs , I loaded 43.5 of 4064 in LC cases & 168 SMK's & shot them in both my 16" & 20 " bbl's. with no high pressure signs . Not all chambers & barrels will perform the same way with different loadings . Also the gas system type may have a little to do with where you can go .


16"HB., 43.5 gr. IMR 4064 , rifle length gas system

Avg. Vel. --  2567 fps

ES---------      48 fps

SD --------      18 fps


20" HB, 43.5 gr. IMR 4064 , rifle length gas system

Avg. Vel. --   2707 fps

ES ---------      39 fps

SD ---------      16 fps





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