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Visiting North Korea


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Someone on another board shared this guys youtube channel with me. This guy visits different countries on tour packages and video records his visits and compiles them in to documentary-like video sets.


 This set is his visit to North Korea. It's educational and funny but also pretty sad. Check it out!!


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Lisa ling did a cool show/doc on North Korea a few years back, she posed as a nurse with a Chinese eye dr and said the cameras were for research only. Those people are brain washed fools


It sure looks that way. But I also got a sense that they were whispering for help whenever possible and deliberately cluing that things were not OK. "We have the finest in health care and medicine. BTW, can I bum an aspirin off you?"

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This dr was doing eye surgery on people who were damn near or fully blind. The medical staff would remove their bandages and first thing they would do is look at the photo of the dear great leader on their wall and praise it for having their sight back. She as a few good documentaries

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