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Making your own Shotshells 357Mags


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This is for information purposes only and you use it at your own risk! My goal was to make some cheap shotshells with items I already had on hand because I refuse to pay over a dollar a piece for the 38/357 shotshells and theyre not much good past 8 or 10 feet anyway. 
Here is what I do to give you an idea and it works for more than rats, snakes and mice. This is what I made for my 357 revolver. I first prepare a few cases and install primers. I then clean the mouth with some acetone, you will understand why later. I then cut some wad plugs and some top covers, I make the wad plugs out of grey heat resistant rubber based gasket material and the tops out of cheap everyday notebook paper, typing paper or the cheap printer paper that a print job might have messed up. You can make a perfect little cutter by sharpening the edge of another shell with your reloading case prep deburing tool and using it to punch out your plugs! I use 5 grains of Longshot in a 357 case, install the rubber gasket wad plug using an old ball point pen case being careful not to cock it and loose any powder, packing the powder nice and snug. I then put in some shot, I had some Number 6 shot laying around so I put in 56 balls or 105-111 grains of shot. You can always empty out a shotgun shell to get you some shot too! Then fill your shotgun hull with something else like I do. I then put on the top paper cap making sure it is below the edge of the shell all the way around so that the Latex paint will have something to adhere to besides the paper and keep things from falling out when firing. I then run the rounds through my bullet installer and crimper which rolls the empty shell a bit at the top and apperantly acts like a little choke, I tried some without doing this and it spread out more at the distance I was wanting. I then put a layer of the thick latex paint (this is why you clean with acetone, finger nail polish remover works too, I borrowered the wife's, SHHHHH!) on there and let it get almost dry then a second coat of paint until I have a slight buldge or dome on it and after dry she is ready to go! The thick Laytex based paint in the photo I used drys to be like a rubber substance and is pretty tough. See photos, this only cost around 35 cents each to make depending on what you pay for primer/powder and items you might have around to use! No matter what, it's food for thought on making your own!
Have fun! Be safe! 
12 foot away
12 yards away
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Do you have any advice on cleaning the barrel after using this?

Is no different than using any other store bought shot or ammo, clean as usual. Most people will never shoot enough shot type ammo to ever worry about it causing any problems,especially if using lead shot not steel shot. I would not recommend using steel shot in a nice pistol any way.  it's just for those critter occasions. I've even used it to ward off stray dogs out here in the country and snakes, possums and raccoon's are buzzard food!

Stay safe and have fun!

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