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LR-308 AP4 Hand Guard

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I am going to replace the factory hand guard on this rifle but don't know where you measure from to purchase the right length.  


The end of the barrel at the back of the barrel nut?  


At the front of the barrel nut?


I am going to remove and replace the front sight/gas block with a low gas block and put on a rifle length rail system.  I have been shopping online for the best lightest one that I can find.   Would any of you fine shooters have a suggestion?  I want for mounting rails and it to be free floating but light.  The gas block will be inside of it.  DPMS says that I have to purchase the A3 version so that it matches with the receiver rail, but non of the other companies talk about this one way or another.



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Hi N2 DPMS has a chart on their website on how//where to measure what hand guard height you need...I even think there is one here...one of the guys will chime in ....the best/lightest would be in my book the apex hand guard....light and well built...i think their site has the chart too.... if you have a rifle length gas port,get the long rifle length hand guard to cover the gas block....when looking to cover the gas block measure to see where it is located then find your hand guard length at what ever hand guard you want taking into account the height for your DPMS upper that you have ,because DPMS has 2 heights

and yes you measure towards the muzzle from the front of the upper where it meets the nut

:) Wash

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N2 ive got both types....never had a problemo with a clamp on type..the apex will grip the barrel nut real good...you dont plan on going into combat on a daily basis do ya?....lol go with one that floats your boat...all I know is that the apex is light and well machined and easy on your hand....always think weight...the ar308's can get heavy on you real fast

:) Wash

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 I would recommend JP's hand guard , but they only fit ( as far as rail height ) the older rail height upper receivers .


Photo shows a Tactical Machining ,DPMS type upper receiver ( low ) & a 308 JP hand guard rail .



 I have an older , Fulton Armory screw on one with the cinch nut on another 308 , but it is also the old rail height & its matched up to a DPMS upper receive with the older (high ) rail height.


 far right , 20"rifle , notice both 308AR's are rifle length gas systems & if you want to cover the gas block , I think the Hand Guard has to be at least 12" or more , I believe . Others here who cover there gas blocks can tell you what they have .


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Thanks for the info Survivalshop!  I do like the look of the JP but my upper is the lower version and I need it to match the hand guard.  I will look at their web site and see if they offer a lower version!  


Nice looking set of shooters....!

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N2 you have a fairly heavy rifle right now... you can use a Troy or Sampson they are nice...got a bunch of Troys,and have put a Sampson on a buddies ar15,but the Apex will prolly be the lightest...I know my Apex is lighter than my Troys.....while you're at it...put a lighter shorter barrel on it....lol :) Wash

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The APEX doesn't just clamp on. A standard barrel nut (from inside a delta ring assembly) is needed. Then a clam shell is placed over the barrel nut. Next the free float tube slides over the first portion. The two then screws into each other. Everything is VERY snug, and it requires a bit of elbow grease to get everything together completely.

It's a very solid system. I have one on my .308 and have used then on several other rifles.

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