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what twist rate


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Ok I am going to get an AR10,  16-18 in barrel, lite weight (some where 7.5 to 8.5lbs), so what twist rate would you recommend???  I am using this for hunting, and for target out to 600yds with 150 gr.-168gr.bullets.  also am going to change out the buffer and spring to reduce recoil and possibly a break, (if I can find one that doesn't increase the noise to much) I would like a lower gas block ( I HATE that A frame front sight on a standard AR) the twist rate will also help in deciding with company AR to get. I am leaning towards 1x11.5 and your comments will not offend me so let the battle begin. thank you

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The three most common twist rates for the .308 are;




Normally you would choose one that matched the range of bullet weight you expected to shoot. Lighter bullets get looser twist to reduce pressure/friction, heavies get tight twist to maintain stability.

That being said, after having a long conversation with Mike Dagerness from PROOF Research (formerly Jensen Precision) he basically advised that if you are buying a top quality barrel, get the tightest twist you can. Recognizing that this guy makes his bread and butter manufacturing HIGH end barrels for all manners of shooters, I respect his expertise.

Buy quality, stick with 1:10, shoot whatever you want through it.

I have a 17", carbon fiber wrapped, stainless steel, Satern match barrel, with rifle length gas and a 1:10 twist.

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Spin um fast! I like to run fast twists. I figure ya just as well spin the bullet as fast as you can . I run 1:10 on my 308 gas gun. And 1:7 and 1:8 in my AR 15s ( I only got the 1:8 because the barrel maker already had the blank and it saved me 8 weeks on delivery date) Personally I would run the 1:10 and no slower then 1:11

The three most common twist rates for the .308 are;

Buy quality, stick with 1:10, shoot whatever you want through it.

This right here ^^^

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All the match grade guns used by the armed forces teams, back when they were still shooting the M-14 in competition, has 1:10 barrels. Our Federal Match ammo was loaded with 168 gr. Sierra MKHP.  This ammo was great out to 600yds but went sub-sonic and de-stabilized before the 1000 yd line.  We had 180 gr loads for 1000 yd matches that would stay supersonic at the longer range due to their higher BC.  The faster twist rate was what Krieger (Who was making our barrels at the time) recommended.

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