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  1. Multicam Esstac Load Bearing Boar with 5.56 and 7.62 inserts
  2. If it's actual issue gear, you would be breaking the law by receiving stolen property of the US government.
  3. The ArmaLite AR10s utilized proprietary conversion kits on preban M1A magazines. As I understand it, they now offer lowers for either the mainstream mags, or the original modified M1A mags.
  4. What he said...I bought a bunch of different colors from TAD and have them in all my boots...
  5. Better to have and not need then need and not have... Personally, I wouldn't buy an AR, 10 pattern or otherwise, without one...After fourteen years in the military split between the Corps and Army, and another eighteen as a LEO, the last twelve years with ARs, the last ten as a LE Firearms Instructor, I've found that a great many things beside improperly sized ammunition can cause a rifle to bobble; like dust, dirt, fouling, limited mobility, tight spaces, weak users, and even a lack of lubrication after amphibious stuff, severe rain, poor maintenance(or a combination) can cause the BCG to hang up just enough to avoid going fully into battery. Without a FA, your options are to either try and push on the side of the BCG with limited access and leverage through the ejection port, or cycle another round and hope it doesn't hang up a second time...With a FA, tap and go...As in all things, YMMV...
  6. http://www.skdtac.com/Blue_Force_Gear_Ten_Speed_Double_SR25_Mag_Pouch_p/1sk.117.htm http://www.skdtac.com/Esstac_762_Single_Wedge_Mag_Pouch_p/ess.111.htm http://www.skdtac.com/HSGI_TACO_Modular_Single_Rifle_Magazine_Pouch_p/hsg.227.htm http://www.skdtac.com/HSGI_Double_Decker_TACO_Magazine_Pouch_p/1sk.155.htm
  7. Very nice Brother. Now quit screwing around and give us a report after you bust some caps ;)
  8. specopsscout


    Hey Brother, I cut my teeth on Harris Bipods. Compared to those, it's slower to deploy, adjust and collapse, and unlike my Podlock equipped versions, it can't be leveled and locked on the level. It's also significantly more expensive then a Harris with a Podlock. The feet are hard plastic, so unlike the Harris, when you are on a hard surface, you can't really preload it, as the feet just slide compared to the rubber feet on the Harris. By comparison, the feet slide, so the recoil is different, and I don't really get any bipod hop. Now with all that said, it might sound like I don't like the bipod, but that's the thing. I still really like this bipod. It feels hell for stout. The same thing that causes it to be slow, the fact that it locks open and closed, also ensures there is no inadvertent leg collapse like can happen with a Harris, nor do you need to worry about hooking the leg on something and deploying it inadvertently during movement or on a stalk. I can also rest the forward folded legs on something and support the front of the rifle that way, offering me all that added forward real estate to support the rifle, like having and extended forearm. Since the bipod locks in that position, it feels very stable. I also like the way they used the urethane bushings to allow for movement to level and pan, but still offer steady support. When open, it has a wider foot print and it feels more stable when shooting off of it compared to the smaller Harris. So, while it's very different then a Harris, I really like the feel of it. I hope this helps. <thumbsup> Respectfully, Harry
  9. specopsscout


    Hey Folks, Here's mine. Please excuse the cell phone picture... POF P308 Recon with 16.5" barrel, Leupold 3.5X10X40 Illum. TMR in LaRue mount, Tasco Optima 2000 in Matt Burkett offset mount, Knights Micro folding BUIS front and 600 meter rear, Magpul AFG, Tango Down ACB, Battle Arms Development Ambi Selector Switch, Tango Down PR4 Sling Mount... Respectfully, Harry
  10. I can't have a collapsible stock in Jersey, either. I had initially planned to replace the factory EMod when I bought my POF, as I never really cared for how they looked. After getting it in hand, my opinion changed completely, so I kept the stock and just pinned it. It's worked out well for me, and was pretty easy to pin.
  11. Hey Matt, Glad to help Brother. <thumbsup> Hey SS, That sounds like excellent customer service. What was the "MINOR issue" with the scope ring that required it's exchange? Respectfully, Harry PS Since the introduction of the IOR line, 35mm isn't too extreme to replace. You won't find them in the local outfitters ring line up yet, but they are available from a few reputable makers. Badger Ordnance, the old standby, offers them. US Optics and Seekins makes very nice rings in 35mm, but they might be a bit pricey for your application. TPS also makes them in that size, and they are generally of very good quality and the prices more reasonable. IOR actually started including TPS rings into their line up, renamed to VTac rings.
  12. Hey Guys, I've got these on the way...Nothing like a compact, side loading, folding stocked 37mm launcher for fun and games ;) ... http://www.spikestactical.com/z/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=77_80&products_id=397 http://www.spikestactical.com/z/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=77_115&products_id=440 Respectfully, Harry
  13. Hey Bro, I'll look forward to your long term experience with it. Run some box tests, try it in different light, give your rifle a bounce test and see if it holds zero. Leopards don't normally change their spots, but anything is possible and they've been on the market long enough, that maybe they've decided to get their act together. Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes, folks actually listen to the criticism and improve...time will tell... Respectfully, Harry
  14. Hey Bro, I've been thinking of picking one of those up, myself. My new POF P308 Recon has been running well without it, but I am starting to see that small wear mark in the upper receiver from the cam pin. I've been told the wear is self limiting, but I might pick one up just for giggles. I'd be really surprised to learn the cam pin had any effect on the bolt lock...sounds more like it might be a magazine spring issue... Respectfully, Harry
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