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  1. I have a nice, new tactical CMMG 5.56x45 I bought which is great, but I got it from a dealer on Gunbroker. I've several different model 7.62x51 and 5.56x45 AR's but I've never bought any weapons from the actual manufacturer as it's always faster and easier [usually cheaper] to buy from a dealer.
  2. I believe that the DPMS and all other uppers/lowers are compatible and the only upper/lower that will not is the Armalite, which will only fit Armalite uppers/lowers.
  3. The more I handle and shoot my 7.62x51 AR's the more I feel it's the better choice; I mean if you're going to need/use a high capacity "military type" weapon the AR15-5.56 is just a lot more limited. The only real advantage I find [in comparison] is that the AR15 is a few pounds lighter and you can carry a little more ammo. I would rather carry 200 rounds of 7.62x51 than 300 rounds of 5.56x45 [if I'm packing a maximum load] and the extra few pounds of [rifle] weight isn't an issue for me. I have a AP-4,which is only a few inches longer and a few pounds heavier than my AR15 but has big power: I turned my Armalite AR-10/Gen-1/A-2 into a Gen-2, added a collapsible stock and shortened the barrel to 17"; with the muzzle break it's 18.5" I shoot both of these as fast/well as my AR15's and with the big selection of ammo I have [including M-61 AP rounds] these rifles can serve a huge variety of missions. I favor the Armalite because with the muzzle break and "rifle length gas" it shoots more smoothly and easily than the AP-4 [it's like butter].
  4. I decided to make my own "Carbine" I took my 20" A-2/Gen-1 and upgraded it to a "Gen-2", shortened the barrel to 18" [to the end of the 2" muzzle break] and added a collapsible stock; it shoots like butter.
  5. I have several of the pre-ban "Gen-1" AR10 magazines; they were and still are crap. The magazine shell is flat on the back, which tells you it's a pre-ban and the newer magazines have a raised area. If you want to use the "Gen-1" mags to be legal I would put a newer follower [with the bolt catch extension filed off] in them to ensure proper function. The only problem with that is your last round fired will not leave the bolt open.
  6. I have this AR10 I picked up at a pawn shop for $600 and I've been thinking about having the barrel cut to 14.5", add 1 1/2" muzzle break, Magpul stock/grip leave it with a mid- length gas and milspec hand guard to make a absolute minimum size/weight rifle. Here is a photo shopped image of what it would look like
  7. I have this AP-4 and it only weighs 10#, which isn't all that heavy to me and it packs a lot of power/range in a smaller package that the AR15 can't.
  8. UPDATE: I decide to go with the Rock River 16" .458 SOCOM instead of the .50 Beowulf
  9. I went as powerful as I could with the 5.56x45 using 77 gr OTM"s, and they have a reasonable amount of power and range, but I wanted more. The other higher power calibers; 6.5, 6.8, etc. seemed like a waste of time and too much of a compromise compared to max .308 loads, so it seemed the logical choice. I don't need any more long range power than .308 -175 gr max loads and I have M61 AP rounds for maximum penetration needs, so I'm OK. I don't care for M1's, FAL's, PTR91's, bolt actions or any of the other platforms and the "AR" is perfect for me. I'm in the process of getting a .50 Beowulf 16" upper to attach to one of my AR15 lowers, as that is a huge amount of [200 yards or less] power that can take out anything that breathes air in N. America, including Grizzly Bears. It makes for a very light, easily handled "canon" loaded with 350 gr XTP/JHP controlled expansion rounds [1900/2700] that is perfect for hikes, backpacking, etc. and is one effective home defense weapon too. Here is the .50 upper:
  10. I never, NEVER order any gun new from the manufacturer. I always buy nice, used guns from many places and if they need "remodeling" I usually do it myself or when necessary have it done locally. I rarely find new weapons that I want at the price I want or in the configuration I like so used and self modified is the way to go. I've heard too many stories about mistakes, hassles, etc. and the one time I ordered a pistol (10 years ago) it was wrong.
  11. I like "BALLISTOL" oil as it is thin, doesn't last too long and get dirty and all of my weapons run great with it.
  12. I will stick with my 5.56 - 77 grain OTM's that I load to the same velocity as the US military's new 5.56 - 77 grain M-262, which give plenty of power and range. If I need anything bigger I'll go to my 7.62x51 AP-4 or AR-10 I don't see the military ever adopting a new caliber for the AR and I predict this .300 Blackout will stay too expensive and hard to find. If the military ever changes the AR it will be to another type of rifle with a different caliber.
  13. I picked up this AR10 in 97% condition [at a local pawn shop] for only $600 out the door. It only came with one magazine and it had the "Gen 1" bolt catch, but the finish was almost perfect and I don't think it has had more than a few hundred rounds fired as the action/barrel are really tight, clean and crisp. The photo on the left is how I bought it and the right is after I installed the Armalite carbine stock kit [$115] and a new "Gen 2" bolt catch [$18.50]. I got the parts direct from Armalite in 5 days and I installed them in about a half hour. I also got the 5 - 20 round Gen 2 magazine pack [$150]. I'm thinking about cutting the barrel down to 18", but I probably won't as the 20" length with the "2 port" muzzle break is a good combination and the overall length is only 38" long, which is pretty compact for a 7.62x51
  14. I've had accounts @ BOA, Wells Fargo and a number of other banks and I [finally] wound up @ US Bank, where I have been for the past 5 years. I have been very satisfied with their saving, checking and credit card accounts, [and] their online system [and] customer service has been excellent. I recommend them highly.
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