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  1. I will not being doing any buisness with these folks simply because my brothers on this board have stated that the owners have treated them as if their money was not worth their time. I will state my opinion with all the authority I feel it needs.
  2. You hit the nail on the head brother ! <thumbsup>
  3. You may want to consider what is going to happen if your reciever becomes pressurized with that plug in the FA hole. I suspect that it would be the weakest point and become a projectile that would blow back at your face. If you are going to skip installing a real FA then you may want to consider this http://www.weaponoutfitters.com/ar-15-m16-1/upper-receivers-parts/upper-receiver-parts/ar-gas-vent-for-suppressed-ar-rifles.html I have not used this product nor do i own it but I suspect it would be better than a half way attempt at plugging the hole.
  4. wow you are getting really exceptional results from non match ammo. I would just shoot the cheap stuff and nothing else. I would like to see you shoot 1/4 moa with that ammo and see the amount of cash you have spent on this rifle. There are folks that have spent $5k+ to get a rifle to shoot 1/4moa with custom loads that are matched precisely to the rifle. You have some targets or better yet videos to show us the 1/4 moa with cheapo ammo rifle ?
  5. Skip the lesser pods and get an Atlas........
  6. bad ass ! only thing I would change is a less flashy stock color 8)
  7. Well I am not happy with how the DPMS 308 ar bolt catch works. It is very weak and will barely hold the bolt back. Do I have any other options here ? Does the AR10 bolt catch work better ?
  8. Got an AAC SD6-N suppressor purchased and the paperwork started..... Still really happy that i got the JP BCG while it was on the market. I just wish I had scored a few more mags before this whole mess. Oh yeah the fucking hogan barrel nut takes their special wrench to torque her on.
  9. I understand perspective completely. No reason for em to be douche nozzles. Something about me spending my money with them and them being dorks just would piss me off. I would never run my buisness that way and would fire any employee that acted that way no matter HOW busy you are. That is the fastest way to run a shop into the ground next to telling lies.
  10. good way to never get a dime of my money after all this bullpoopy passes..... fornicate them if thats how they do things.
  11. Matt I though GAP was strictly DI ? I think LWRC and the HK are both GP though.
  12. got a Atlas bipod and the final parts to finish off my Hogan build.... and some 10/22 30rd mags !
  13. lol don't think I haven't.... <laughs>
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