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  1. fyi if anybody needs this Preban AR15 information is very valuable to shooters in states that maintain an ASSAULT WEAPON BAN. While I dont normally advocate borrowing content from other websites I feel this information is invaluable and needs to be protected, duplicated and shared for the greater good of the shooting community. If anyone has more information and links please post them at the bottom and I will update the list. If you have a lower of from one of the lesser known brands and have managed to verify the date to the serial number please add your info to the comments and I will add it to the master list. OLYMPIC ARMS What does my serial number mean? Q: What does my serial number mean? A: Nothing is more frustrating than to know little or nothing about the firearm you own or are about to buy. Use the information in this page to help determine when your Olympic Arms firearm was produced. Please read all of the details on this page because there are many questions answered in the following paragraphs. As many of you already know, on the 7th of June, 2000, Olympic Arms experienced a devastating fire that destroyed our sales offices. In those offices were housed our current as well as archival records with regards to manufacture, acquisition and distribution of firearms. The books that we, as well as all federally licensed firearms dealers are required to keep are commonly known as “Bound Books”, or “A&D” (acquisition & distribution) books. These books, over 25 years of Olympic Arms history and data, were completely destroyed in that fire. All A& D book records prior to the 7th of June, 2000 are GONE. Period. This is an unfortunate situation that severely limits our ability to provide product information for any and all AR-15 lower receivers and/or complete guns manufactured prior to that date. As a result all that we can provide is what you see below, a date “range” in which your serial number was manufactured. We CANNOT provide you with the date the serial number was shipped, we CANNOT provide you with information determining whether a particular serial number was a factory assembled firearm, and most importantly, we CANNOT determine whether or not your particular serial number is a legal grandfathered pre-ban firearm. Many people and organizations have been critical of Olympic Arms for not securing a copy of these records elsewhere, or keeping an electronic file of this data as an emergency back up. If you’d like to read why this decision was made, please read the article in the About Us section titled “Pre-fire Bound Books”. Remember that Olympic Arms fully complied, and still does, with ATF regulations regarding A&D books. Below you will see a list of serial numbers. At Olympic, we group our serial numbered lowers into “ranges”. If you’ll notice, all the serial number ranges have a letter prefix but one. The initial receivers made by Olympic Arms simply contain a 4 digit serial number, no letter prefix. Each subsequent serial number range (either beginning with 0001, or 1001) will show a 1 or 2 letter prefix. Additionally, you will see several lines for serial numbers that begin with the same letter(s) prefix. These prefix series are divided by a date range to their right. These date ranges are the beginning and ending dates of the physical paper ledgers in which those numbers were recorded. In other words, the ledger books were not large enough to contain all of the numbers (0001-9999), in one book. For that reason, there is a beginning date and end date for each ledger. That is what you see below. Match your receiver up with the letter prefixes on the chart below. Each line is separated into 5 columns. Column 1: The serial number itself (including prefix). Column 2: The beginning serial number in that book. Column 3: The beginning date for that book. If there is only one date listed after the serial numbers in column 2 and/or 2, all of those numbers were manufactured on that same day. Column 4: End date for that book. Column 5: Comments regarding that range of serial numbers. The comments as listed would apply to all of the serial numbers with the prefix listed to the left. SN Range 1st Date End Date Special Notes 0001 0004 03/14/79 Prototypes 1000 8845 03/14/79 06/04/82 Cut from aluminum bar stock. Most were made for other manufacturers such as Palmetto Armory. X1001 X2987 07/02/1982 06/01/1983 X2988 X3484 06/02/1983 09/01/1983 X2988 X3484 06/02/1983 09/01/1983 P0001A P0588A 12/17/1982 07/18/1988 PAWS Z0001 Z2002 09/08/1983 08/24/1984 Z2003 Z3955 05/29/1984 02/08/1985 Z3956 Z6007 02/14/1985 12/12/1985 Z6008 Z8018 12/17/1985 09/10/1986 Z8019 Z9985 09/15/1986 03/09/1988 Z9986 Z9999 03/09/1988 W1001 W2957 03/09/1988 05/08/1989 V0001 V0716 12/02/1986 10/01/1987 These receivers were manufactured for Bushmaster. While all of these are for BM, there were more. NAMV1 NAMV100 03/20/1985 08/28/1986 These were limited edition Vietnam War Commemoratives. USMC1 USMC320 01/21/1986 04/05/1993 Limited Edition US Marine Corp Commemoratives U1001 U1597 08/18/1987 11/28/1989 F1006 F3000 04/27/1989 08/25/1989 F3001 F5052 08/25/1989 12/14/1989 F5053 F9109 12/14/1989 08/10/1990 F9110 F9999 08/10/1990 10/03/1990 T1001 T2119 10/03/1990 01/08/1991 T2120 T3758 01/08/1991 04/05/1991 T3759 T7480 04/05/1991 01/31/1992 T7481 T9532 01/31/1992 08/12/1992 T9533 T9999 08/13/1992 09/24/1992 AA001 09/24/1992 PROTOTYPE AA1001 AA2297 09/24/1992 12/23/1992 AA2298 AA2425 12/23/1992 01/04/1992 GG1000 GG1009 02/01/1993 07/05/1993 OA1001D OA1039D 10/07/1991 10/31/1991 OAD1040 OAD1067 03/16/1992 10/09/1992 OAS1042 OAS1138 03/18/1992 10/13/1992 AC10000 AC10058 02/08/1993 LL0001 LL0267 01/05/1993 01/22/1993 BL1000 BL2784 02/01/1993 05/26/1993 BL2785 BL4814 05/26/1993 12/03/1993 BL4815 BL6861 12/03/1993 02/24/1994 BL6862 BL8799 02/25/1994 06/18/1994 BL8800 BL9533 06/20/1994 07/20/1994 BS0001 BS0699 08/27/1994 08/27/1994 BS0700 BS0825 08/27/1994 08/27/1994 NF0001 NF1999 01/03/1994 05/21/1994 NF2000 NF3999 05/21/1994 08/27/1994 NF4000 NF4055 08/27/1994 94NF1000 95NF2587 11/14/1994 01/24/1995 UK0001 UK0448 08/27/1994 08/27/1994 E1001 E2099 09/01/1991 04/24/1997 ? E2100 E2290 04/24/1997 03/08/1990 ? CA0001 CA0690 02/21/1994 08/09/1994 TBOR1791 TBOR1991 1991 1991 These receivers are made from Beryllium copper. CIA0001 CIA3402 10/28/1996 07/14/1997 These receivers were made under contract with Century International Arms. These are NOT Olympic Arms firearms, are post ban and not supported by Olympic Arms. H1300 H3299 08/27/1994 H3300 H3354 08/17/1994 09/13/1994 95H1112 95H3340 06/06/1995 07/07/1995 V1000 V1499 05/05/1994 05/11/1994 V1500 V2755 05/11/1994 08/05/1994 V2757 V3195 09/26/1997 11/25/1997 SA961000 SA961975 03/21/1996 09/18/1996 SA1975 SA3500 04/15/1997 01/02/1998 SA3501 SA5150 01/01/1998 06/18/1998 SA5151 SA6550 06/18/1998 09/28/1998 SA6551 SA8199 10/05/1998 05/10/1999 SA8200 SA9800 05/11/1999 10/07/1999 SA9801 SA9999 10/07/1999 10/18/1999 AUS1000 AUS1049 05/06/1998 02/01/1999 JJ0001 JJ1600 10/09/1999 02/18/2000 JJ1601 JJ2059 02/18/2000 03/22/2000 JJ2060 JJ4182 03/22/2000 10/03/2000 JJ4183 JJ5439 10/03/2000 02/07/2001 JJ5440 JJ6920 03/08/2001 12/04/2001 JJ6921 JJ8713 12/04/2001 08/06/2001 JJ8714 JJ9999 08/07/2001 01/29/2003 KX0001 KX1601 11/04/1998 05/10/1999 KX1700 KX2935 05/10/1999 08/20/1999 KX2936 KX4735 08/23/1999 01/20/2000 KX4736 KX5760 01/20/2000 03/31/2000 KX5761 KX7668 04/01/2000 07/20/2001 KX7669 KX9590 07/20/2001 04/03/2002 SGW0001 SGW1045 02/15/2000 04/10/2001 All SGW receivers are CAST receivers, and sold stripped, or as “Plinker” Rifles only. SGW1046 SGW2043 04/10/2001 02/14/2002 SGW2044 SGW3878 03/25/2002 04/05/2003 SGW3879 ? CURRENT MX1001 CURRENT These receivers are match-grade quality Maxhard® treated Aluminum forged receivers. BT0001 BT1853 05/24/2002 01/20/2003 Series named after long time employee Bill Thrall. Thanks for your service Bill! BT1854 BT3654 01/21/2003 07/11/2003 BT3655 BT5453 07/11/2003 12/01/2003 BT5454 BT7300 12/02/2003 05/02/2004 BT7301 M0001 M0198 02/20/200203 04/01/2002 Series Stopped because of CNC change. LP0001 LP0577 05/02/2001 02/19/2004 OA-98 Pistols only SM0001 SM9999 01/30/2003 10/2005 Series names after Oly CNC programmer Steve Melby. Thanks for your service Steve! TB0001 TB9999 10/2005 4/2007 Series named after long time employee Tim Butterfield. Thanks for your service Tim! KJ0001 KJ9999 4/2007 6/2008 JF0001 JF9999 6/2008 9/2009 Series named after long time employee John Fischer. Thanks for your service John! WZ0001 WZ5686 2/2009 Current Series named after long time employee Walt Dziadyk. Thanks for your service Walt! CH0001 CH6575 9/2009 Current Series named after long time employee Chris Holeman. Thanks for your service Chris! AR15.com The folks over at AR15.com have compiled the list below Disclaimer: This list is correct to the best of my knowledge, however, I accept absolutely no responsibility for the accuracy of this information or for the consequences and/or damages occurring from any inaccuracies. I have compiled this list for the purposes of sharing information only. This is not intended to be used in any way except for personal entertainment. It is a compilation of both personal information and information submitted from others from the Internet. ALL SERIAL NUMBERS SHOULD BE VERIFIED FROM THE MANUFACTURER PRIOR TO ANY PURCHASE OR ASSEMBLY. It should be noted that it is a felony to possess a Post-Ban (newly assembled after Sept 13, 1994) assault weapon. If any information presented here is found to be incorrect or you have additional information to contribute, please contact me via E-Mail (hkusp40@midmaine.com) and I will update and re-issue the list. Note: All items marked with a single asterisk (*) are taken from http://home1.gte.net/bblakley/ban/index.htm. The year/serial numbers under Colt SP series was forwarded to me by an individual whose return address I no longer have. Double asterisk (**) under Bushmaster, a person on the internet e-mailed me that he had a lower that was shipped stripped (thus not a complete rifle) in 1991 from Bushmaster with serial #0327XX – ALWAYS CALL TO VERIFY. Advanced Armaments No information – Apparently machined from bar stock aluminum, lowers are marked as M-15. American Spirit Arms (Formerly “Sun Valley Traders”) ALL lowers are Post-Ban. Began introduction of lowers and rifles in mid/late 1998. Noted as having good fit & finish. Also, reported to be manufactured by Lewis Machine & Tool. Armalite/Eagle 800-336-0184 Slightly over S/N 30,000 was the Pre-Ban cut-off, call to verify.* (Some Eagle lowers below the 30,000 range were determined to be POST ban by BATF – call to verify) Armalite sells Eagle lowers, but sells factory complete rifles with Armalite lowers. Bohica Made stainless steel lowers, rumored to have also made AR-15 pistols. Lower marked M16-SA. This is NOT verifiable info as it came from the Internet. Out of Business. Bushmaster 800-998-SWAT Below L051000 – Assembled Pre-Ban Rifles and some pre-94 lowers.** L051001-L063000 – Mixed Pre-Ban Assembled Rifles and Pre-Sept 94 Lowers (Call to verify) L063001 and Up – Post-Ban Century Arms Lower marked CIA. All are Post-Ban. Made with Olympic Arms Receivers under contract. Colt 800-962-COLT CC001616 and Below – Pre-Ban CH019500 and Below – Pre-Ban GC018500 and Below – Pre-Ban LH011326 and Below – Pre-Ban MH086020 and Below – Pre-Ban NL004800 and Below – Pre-Ban SL027246 and Below – Pre-Ban SP360200 and Below – Pre-Ban 1963 SP00001-SP00023** 1964 SP00101 1965 SP02501 1966 SP05600 1967 SP08250 1968 SP10750 1969 SP14000-SP14653 1970 SP15001-SP15473 1971 SP16001 1972 SP19401 1973 SP24201 1974 SP32601 1975 SP43801 1976 SP55301 1977 SP67651 1978 SP83400 ST038100 and Below – Pre-Ban TA10100 and Below – Pre-Ban BD000134 and Below – Pre-Ban (AR-15A3 Tactical Carbine – very rare model) MT00001 and Above – Post-Ban BK000001and Above – Post Ban (CAR-A3) CST000001 and Above – Post-Ban (Began Late 1997 Production) CMH000001 and Above – Post Ban CCH010000 and Above – Post Ban MT6700, MT6700C and MT6700CH series, 1998 production Dalphon (360) 427-6867 All are POST ban. Cast 356-T6 Aluminum, hardcoat anodized per mil-spec A-8625 DPMS 800-578-3767 Below 10300 – Pre-Ban. Some or all lowers are cast. Black in color. Some lowers are Stainless Steel. Eagle Arms 309-944-6939 Now called ArmaLite. They will not give out a list, but will look up on an individual basis. Lower receiver serial numbers DO NOT begin with EA. Essential Arms All are Pre-Ban as they went out of business in 1993. (DPMS bought them prior to the Ban) Call DPMS Lower receiver serial numbers begin with EA. Some or all lowers are cast. Light gray coloring. It is rumored that Ruger investment casted the lowers for Essential Arms. Frankford Arsenal All are pre-ban. As rumor has it, Olympic Arms produced the lowers for Frankford Arsenal Call Olympic Arms and then Frankford assembled the weapon. A2 configuration lower. Frankford Arsenal went out of business in 1987. (Info from RudolphoS@aol.com) Hesse Arms All AR-15’s are post ban. Manufacturing began late 1997/early 1998. J.L.M & Sons* (603) 425-1860 SC001 thru SC250 are Pre-Ban. All others are post ban. Knights Armament Co. All AR-15’s are post ban, very few AR-10’s are pre-ban. No further info at this time. Military Manufacturing (M2) (FAX 702-263-7875) All were military/law enforcement only. Full auto lowers were standard, semi were optional. Lowers were machined form raw bar stock with improvements incorporated – 18deg magazine angle and square mag release. (See: http://www.m2corp.com/HOME.htm) Nesard See “Sendra” below. Olympic Arms 360-459-7940 4-numbers only – very very old. Probably machined from bar stock. 1-letter and 4# – older receiver, but forgings. (Some are newer, POST ban castings – call to verify.) 2-letters & 4# – most receivers follow this pattern. 2#, 2 letters, 4# – the first two #’s are year of manufacture of the lower. 2 letters, 6# (separated 2 & 4 – e.g. SA 96 0000) – first 2 #’s are year of manufacture. “ICR” marked lowers are an European customer’s overrun, has an unused additional hole – all ICR lowers are post ban. Olympic Arms Manufacturer’s Notes: 1. There were some odd variations and some custom serial numbers mixed in thru the years also. And, some receivers manufactured after the ban have the year stamp after the model name, not in the serial #. And if you don’t see a year stamp on the receiver, it is not necessarily pre-ban. 2. Serial numbers that end in “D” were duplicates and one was changed using this letter. 3. Recently some serial numbers have left with one or two letters followed by FIVE numbers. The last numbers are either 5′s or 0′s. 99.9% of these are post-ban. 4. “Older” does not always mean pre-ban as per Corey Sattler. 5. “BL” serial number series lowers are transitional with some pre and some post ban. If you have a “BL” you’ll have to call to verify for certain. Professional Ordinance All are post ban (including all of the pistols). PWA (360) 438-3983 35222 and Below – Pre-Ban (Note:Some lowers are cast not forged. Out of business) Post-ban have a year prefix in the serial number. Rumored to have only sold lowers. Rocky Mountain Arms Producer of AR-15 type pistols. Sendra Post-ban receivers have a circle milled into the side of the magwell. They were originally bead-blasted to a non-glare finish. All others are pre-ban. (This is unverified info…) Also, they used to be NESARD. Rumored to have been owned by Dick Drasen (currently M&A Parts) and produced lowers only out of Barrington, Illinois. No complete guns were sold (again, unverified info). Colt Carbine R6521 – Is a rare Colt of which only a few hundred were made for export purposes. They are not marked Sporter, AR-15 or SP1. These are the only Colt AR15 type weapons allowed to be transferred among Connecticut citizen
  2. this help any? https://fightlite.com/lowers/scr-rifle-lowers
  3. https://tacconusa.com/tac-con-in-action/ give this trigger group a look. cheaper than messing with nfa
  4. if you wanted a plastic version,ebay has the ati stocks fajen guys opened wenig.com
  5. i apologize sir,i did not see edge's post

  6. anybody have any of these working? what bolt carrier are you using. bough one fron aero precision,but bolt wou't close with mag in it
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