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  1. dprice38444

    Why is building an AR10 so damn complicated?

    https://tacconusa.com/tac-con-in-action/ give this trigger group a look. cheaper than messing with nfa
  2. dprice38444

    WTB No4 Mk1 Lee Enfield sporter stock

    if you wanted a plastic version,ebay has the ati stocks fajen guys opened wenig.com
  3. i apologize sir,i did not see edge's post

  4. dprice38444

    WTB AR10 complete BCG for Sudanese or Portugese

    wander through the ar15forum.com
  5. anybody have any of these working? what bolt carrier are you using. bough one fron aero precision,but bolt wou't close with mag in it
  6. dprice38444

    nfa and regular items running out of room

    luger and york arms sten sold
  7. dprice38444

    nfa and regular items running out of room

    luger sold
  8. i had what i think was a piece of metal/crud in my brand new barrel.(new install)after i got the carrier to pop out,all worked fine no issues.
  9. did you clean the chamber/bolt area before assembly? dirt