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  1. Santa shot Rudolf!

    It takes a little time but it works. I’ve even hung then up in a tree to let the bugs eat the meat off of them to. Just went out and rocked it around a little, to stir up the ants to get them to eat some. Wolf
  2. Santa shot Rudolf!

    Thought I would let yall know I got 125lbs of meat out of that deer. The head is sitting in an ant hill being cleaned. I’m going to make a gun rack out of his head. I’d love to have been able to do a trophy head out of this guy, but my four legged kids would probably have it on the flour eating on it. Plus there isn’t much room in a mobile home (house trailer). Wolf
  3. Santa shot Rudolf!

    Ya I know. I put a little extra money into it. It’s still basically a DPMS / AR10a2 carbine in 7.62x51nato / 308Win. On one built a readymade of what I wanted. I collected my parts and hear is what I have.
  4. Santa shot Rudolf!

    Thanks guys. This one made up for the one I had to dispose of year before last. Wolf
  5. Santa shot Rudolf!

    I took him at about 95 yds.
  6. Santa shot Rudolf!

    I took him at about 95 yds.
  7. Santa shot Rudolf!

    Yep I got Rudolf. Nice big 8 point decided to come out at 7:30an this morning. Like the saying go’s one shot one kill. He ran for about 30 feet and took a nose dive into the heavy frosted grass. First blood for my home built DPMS / AR10a2 Carbine, using PPU 308 – 150gr sp. Wolf
  8. What do you have on order or in the mail? Part 2

    Ya it is fun, I can steep out front of the house and do a little shooting. Wolf
  9. What do you have on order or in the mail? Part 2

    AR500 Steal Target and Stand I haven’t bought anything gun related unless you count a couple of AR500 targets. A couple of weeks ago I bought my first a 12”x ½” target from Competition Target Systems. I liked so much I bought another one but this time I ordered a 16”x ½” plate. It came in today. So back to building a second target stand. This is my first target and stand, rebuilt from one tire to two tires. I’ll build another two tire stand for my 16” target. Wolf
  10. New to this site

    Welcome form Franklinton, Louisiana. BTW where you from in La? Wolf
  11. Thanks for having me here.

    Welcome for Louisiana
  12. FNG sayin HI!!

    Welcome from Louisiana and thanks for you service.
  13. Wild Dogs Killing Calves

    No tracks, no drag marks. NOTHING that is what gets me. We do have cats large and small in the area, none at this time of year, to early. No alligators, to fore away from the river. Could be a Bear, but haven’t heard of any in the area for years. It is like it just up and diapered. Wolf
  14. Wild Dogs Killing Calves

    My cousin had a calf get eaten / killed last months. Whatever killed it ate it. We’ve set up a few snares to see what is going on. The other day we caught a wild dog, he stuck its head where it shouldn’t have. My cousin found it in one of the snares, dead, period. He drug off down one of the trails going to the back field. Yesterday he went down that same trail to the back field to cut hay. He noticed that that dead dog was gone. No mess, no sign, nothing like it was never there. Trying to figure out what hauled it off? Wherediditgo? Wolf
  15. Any "old school" model 12 guys here?

    The one I inherited from my father is in about 90 – 95% condition. Like I said earlier he bought it the year I was born and that was in 1952. Dad died in 2012 at age 97. He did his last Dove hunt in 2011 and he was using it. Now when I go Dove hunting I use it. And I love it to. With its full chock barrel you got to be good, I get my limit.