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  1. A few weeks ago I read an article online about a company called Podavach they are from the Ukraine. They make a new style of magazine loader compared to what is already on the market, that handles multiple calibers. I looked them over on their site and decided to order two of their loaders, one for smaller caliber and one for larger caliber because together they were less than a Benjamin I have a MagPump Magazine Loader and it's great if you're just going to use it at home, when you want to take it out in the field is when it turns into a PIA. Back to the U-LOADER by Podavach. I liked what they offered that the others didn't, their small loader loads ALL calibers for the small frame AR & AK MINI-14, ( in the picture below it tells you which caliber that it can load. Their large loader also loads quite a few calibers and different magazine's as well. Something that Podavach does that the other loaders on the market don't is they can handle just about ANY magazine you can throw at it that belongs to the AR, AK and others such as the G3, M1A platforms. They have a couple of interesting videos about how their products are made. The loaders seem well made and durable as well as the nylon cargo bag that comes with it. The only thing that sucked, but was given ample warning was that since they are brand new they don't have much stock. They are literally selling them as fast as they make them,other than that I have no complaints. I did write to get an ETA and the email was answered promptly. I do not work for them and in no way shape or form other than being a paying customer am I associated with the company. I hope someone got something from my short thread as I feel these will prove themselves a valuable asset in the field. https://podavach.store/
  2. Always nice to have real world data, thanks
  3. That really nice looking stuff, their prices look reasonable considering it looks like quality kit.
  4. Sorry,though you were into them,I'm not making anything off them, in fact it would cost me MY TIME to seek them out and send them. No I guess I won't pimp my free time. But, As you know the original stuff is all but gone. So have someone delete the post doesn't matter to me.
  5. I think it's time to change out your flannel and put your nite nites on, your armpits are all wet
  6. Are you really a Vegan? Do you wear flannel?
  7. If I come across some A1 buttstocks anyone want them? Stuff I seen last week was cheap $30-$60 depending how beat they were, most had armory markings on them. I seen complete kits ( minus lower and barrel) a lot cheaper than whats been offered around the net- $350~$400. I could give you the sellers info if you are interested, he's been on our show circuit for 20 years of better. The only thing he sells is classic MILSERP AR platform stuff.
  8. The stuff that I got from Right to Bear Arms had used threaded fixtures instead of using roll pins. They were 1st rate and don't know why they are not available anymore. I did talk to these folks last fall, they told me that going into the 2nd quarter that they were going to be making all their own stuff. Again, you could call them They were the most reasonable company out there selling the 5-D Tactical jig https://www.ceratac.com/default.asp
  9. Here is another supplier,I bought 2 lowers from them last year. They don't have the large frames listed anymore,but you could call them. https://www.zrtacticalsolutions.com/shop/80-forged-ar15-lower/
  10. Noreen is about the only one I've seen in awhile. You could call these folks up and ask them who else supplies them https://www.righttobear.com/noreen-DPMS-80-percent-raw-billet-308-lower-p/n-fg-308.htm
  11. I'm not going to get involved with the other post because he knows what direction this needs to go. But I am going to ask a few simple questions to make you think. 1)-Did you headspace this after you put everything together? 2)-did you patch the bore or check it for obstructions? 3)- you really need to do a detailed oiling until things get broken in. Why did I post it, because it's something he should be aware of. Remington Core-lokt 180gr ammunition is not particularly happy being stripped from a mag and shoved up the feed ramps designed for ball type ammo.
  12. They sure are proud of their receivers. I did see this while I was at their site,have no idea if it's applicable. IMPORTANT!! You MUST use the G10 Enhanced Cam Pin in the G10 Side Charging Uppers! Use of a Standard Cam Pin will cause the Bolt Carrier Group to lock up in the G10 Upper Receiver and be VERY difficult to remove and could damage the Upper Receiver. https://gibbzarms.com/product/g10-308-side-charging-upper-receiver-right-handed/
  13. I just scored a 1,000 peices of "Federal Gold Medal Match" once fired brass in 308 for $110 shipped. Ya just don't get that every day.
  14. Military-style semi-auto rifles seldom have firing pin retraction springs. If care is not used in assembling ammunition, a “slam-fire” can occur before the bolt locks. The military arsenals accomplish this using different techniques and components—including different primer sensitivity specifications—from their commercial counterparts. CCI makes rifle primers for commercial sale that matches military sensitivity specs that reduce the chance of a slam-fire when other factors go out of control*. If you’re reloading for a military semi-auto, look to CCI Military primers. *Effective slam-fire prevention requires more than special primers. Headspace, chamber condition, firing pin shape and protrusion, bolt velocity, cartridge case condition, and other factors can affect slam-fire potential. https://www.cci-ammunition.com/products/primers/primers.aspx?id=30
  15. Lube the BCG and shoot the rifle to break it in. Also, you'll want to be careful using ammunition like that as it can slam fire. There is a reason the military requires specific primers.
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