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  1. Ravenworks

    Funny Videos Thread

    I said Al or whatever his real name is. It was around 1990
  2. Ravenworks

    Funny Videos Thread

    Al was the man. I met him one time in Youngstown,he had some friends that were Ironworkers and he came to the job.
  3. Ravenworks

    Pistols and Revolvers

    I picked up a Ruger Alaskan in 454 Casull. I like the 1911 the best
  4. Ravenworks

    EOW: Officer Corona 1/10/2019

    I read about this,sorry to hear about things like this.
  5. Ravenworks

    Mr. Squirrel better watch his ass

    I'm saying I didn't take incriminating pictures.
  6. Ravenworks

    Mr. Squirrel better watch his ass

    There are plenty of videos out there on YouTube about Squirrel launchers. I'm not going to post anything up because I never took anything.
  7. Ravenworks

    Mr. Squirrel better watch his ass

    Two separate projects
  8. Ravenworks

    Combo Barrel Extension Wrench and Lapping Tool

    The lapping tool I got from Brownells was $50. And the tool that went into the receiver and lugs had flats for the vise end and it was $45
  9. Ravenworks

    Mr. Squirrel better watch his ass

    We had so many of them eating my seed that I electrocuted them. I used a 2 foot square piece of wire walkway decking and insulated the pole. 220 makes it quick
  10. Ravenworks

    Mr. Squirrel better watch his ass

    I got bored one year and built a squirrel launcher. I could throw them a 100 feet
  11. Ravenworks

    New here - total novice

    M5E lower uses longer pins
  12. Ravenworks

    New here - total novice

    Remember,if you buy the Aero lower,buy their parts kit. Ask me how I know. Below is the company making Fulton Armory barrels for their uppers, just so you understand why it cost what it does https://criterionbarrels.com/products/308-ar/hybrid-contour-dpms-pattern-308-ar-barrels/
  13. Ravenworks

    Lucas Gun Oil

    It's pretty obvious that you never had to keep an M60 clean. 2019 has nothing to do with decades old platforms.
  14. Ravenworks

    6.5 Grendel almost done

    I understand. I guess what I was trying to say is Camp Perry is no walk in the park. It is a notoriously tough course. I guess I was also trying to say what you were. The OP I quoted made it sound as if reading the conditions through a spotting scope or rifle scope were crazy.
  15. Ravenworks

    6.5 Grendel almost done

    I live close to Camp Perry. That range is one of the toughest ranges because of the wind. Lake Erie loves to play games. With that,range flags and what not are all fine and dandy,what are you going to do in an uncontrolled environment?