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  1. Why? He is buying a system designed to work together by the manufacturer Areo Perssision. I have half a dozen of rifles built off their stuff without one problem. It it was hodge podge of parts, then yeah maybe.
  2. Aero owns Ballistic advantage, Primary Arms has a sale once a month where you could get a barrel for about half price. I used a Centiron barrel on mine, in the end it's all about what you want to spend. Stuff like sights,you could save buying elsewhere. Their BCG are made by Toolcraft, I bought theirs because it was in stock and on sale.
  3. You won't need anything from Armalite if you buy Aero's kit (parts).
  4. D Yes the guy needed to go,but no one was thinking about page three. It didn't do anything but create a power vacuum in Mexico
  5. I agree 100%. We (CIA-DEA) fuqked everything up and started things on this downward spiral when we let Escobar get killed At the time I think there was only one maybe two cartel factions. Now, every state has at least one cartel
  6. I'm not disagreeing, but I also had problems with two extensions on barrels I got from Criterion barrels of all places.( the hole was too big and the pins fell out and were lost between them and me during shipping) Josh actually wanted me to send the barrels back and I told him no way. He ended up mailing me half dozen of the pins because I get stuff the next day from them through the mail. It would have been a week screwing around waiting on someone else to ship them.
  7. Camera Land has some really good deals right now. https://cameralandny.com/black-friday I just bought a package deal- Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II 3.5-21x50 - G3 Illuminated And a Kestrel Sportsman(5700) loaded with Applied Ballistics and Bluetooth for $1,049 to my door. Mile High shooting also has some good deals. I picked up a Spuhr quick release mount for $50 off
  8. Well maybe I had a poor choice of words, you are correct in saying that pin is an interference fit. However by design the pin should expand and contract freely at it's own rate. You have three dissimilar metals converging together all three will move at different rates.
  9. The pin is going to float,I would NOT epoxy (JB Weld) it in. The pin will expand with heat hence the reason you want it to float.
  10. ^^^^^ this^^^^ 20" barrel will make for a long day if you're humpin the weapon. As for custom barrel, why? I can think of at least 6 companies that produce the whole spectrum. I am partial to Centiron barrels,call Josh and discuss what you need.
  11. They are on sale about every other week. The 308 barrel is 30 some oz's the 5.56 are 28 oz My fault
  12. It's 28oz's and on sale for $124 at Primary arms. It is a very effective barrel easily out to 600 meters.
  13. It's real hard to not buy a barrel and a spare for what Primary arms is selling Ballistic advantage barrels for. 18",16" & 14.7" modern $125 The next grade up in their line is only $147 Even the Hanson line is cheap. DeVore was selling some of them for under a hundred.
  14. I have been careful about who gets my money, there are many many places to get what we need without supporting liberal run states. I will add this thought for the OP. If you are just now getting started on stockpiling you better throw all you have towards it. There are a ton of pipe dream bills floating around in DC discussing internet sales. You can bet the farm that if a dem gets in office, internet sales for parts and ammunition will be gone with the stroke of a pen.
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