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  1. SP-101 is a hell of a nice wheel gun
  2. I retired from the operating engineers last December,the border wall could be built in less than a year. Second to last job I worked on before retiring was 480 miles of dual lay 46" pipeline. From start to finish, we cleared a 250' wide right of way, laid the pipe,did thousands of road bores,creek crossings and had the job planted in grass seed in 6 months. People are high on crack if they think we can't do it in less than a year,ALL OF IT!
  3. As usual when all else fails blame Matt. Where have I heard that one, oh there's a whole thread about it.
  4. Rob,Brownells said they sold over 380,000 mags in 6 hours. I'm still good,I came across some new USGI and Okay mags a few years back $4.00 ea if I brought them by the 100.
  5. ^^pay attention to what he said.^^ Nooks & Crannies
  6. Good for you, welcome to the life
  7. I think I paid $300 or $400 for mine
  8. I bought one of those back in 88,should have never sold it. One heavy shotgun
  9. You can't beat a GSD for a working friend
  10. That I don't know, however good buckshot is hardened and cost quite a bit more. But the differences in penetration is fanominal.
  11. I'm glad they got back to you. I have several of their rifles and getting someone to answer a question took patience.
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