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  1. graffunder safes are excellent also. don't know how to do the blue https. graffunder gunsafes come up if you google them
  2. that's an awful lot of variables. if you want it to shoot any load you put in it, I would put a 308ar toolcraft bcg and an armalite carbine kit (tube, spring, buffer) and call it good. welcome from oregon
  3. thank you to all who serve and have served, and the sacrifice their families have made.
  4. hope my measurement is as good as yours
  5. went and measured was 10.4 ctr to ctr. will figure it will be 11" overall. same as yours.
  6. went and measured was 10.4 ctr to ctr. will figure it will be 11" overall. same as yours.
  7. I haven't made up mind on whether to move gas block back like heminut did. still contemplating that. haven't measured. thanks for your opinion on chamber, wanted a check on my thinking...
  8. I have been in "my room" all morning cleaning, loading, sorting and started working on sig build. first thing I did was knock out the pin where the bolt locks up that went fine thanks 98. my toolcraft bcg was laying there so I thought I would take it apart and check headspace, came apart fine. I have a set of Clymer .308 win. go-no go gauges that I used successfully on my .243 and .260 build and they work well. I put the no-go in the sig chamber and the bolt would not go into the chamber lugs, great. I put the go gauge in the chamber and the bolt will still not engage lugs. i'm thinking maybe try another bolt and then think, I have a box of 150gr. factory loads. I put one in chamber and the bolt will engage lugs, snug fit. so i'm thinking maybe with enough lube this might get by? i'm looking for some other opinions on this....thoughts..
  9. welcome from Oregon. like the rifle
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