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  1. i found my way here via psa also. welcome from oregon
  2. i've only seen the first 2 or three. the redhead has a nice backside
  3. had a rain day today. after emailing ballistic advantage, couldn't stand the wait, was going to order 6arc head space guages so ordered .556 guages also. these have been sitting here for a week. today i checked head space on .556 ballistic advantage barrel and just like @98Z5Vsaid the 556 no-go would not chamber. put the pistol together (3oz buffer & white springco recoil spring) took it out to shoot for function and sight in. i shot green tip 62gr had bolt lock back, 3 o'clock to 4 ejection worked perfect. now the next problem. i thought this pistol would make a great tracter & truck gun, so i tried the 55gr v-max load that i shoot in my full size ar's and it will not load second round, no bolt lock back. thought about increasing gas hole size or maybe try loading a 60gr v-max, maybe that would increase dwell time enough. i mostly shoot at varmints, won't shoot full metal jackets at them.
  4. i use small base fl dies of various manufacturers on my semi-autos
  5. welcome from oregon. thank you for your service
  6. i was having the red dot is fuzzy problem, so i tried the holosun green dot. it seems to work better with my eye
  7. i'm farming right now and don't have access to phone during their business hours. will call them next rain day or when finished for the winter. did send email to them and it was answered promptly. he avoided the "who makes the head space gauges you use" question and asked that i send them the barrel to check. (what fun is that) said they would replace if out of spec. so customer service is definitely there. you're right, talking to them may get the information.
  8. the gauges are clymer .223, the chamber on the ba barrel is marked .556. i thought same gauge would work for either (what i get for thinking). i see brownells list a head space gauge for .556, will get one. for the record the bushmaster i checked with gauges the barrel is marked .223-.556 how does that work? thanks for the info @98Z5V
  9. thought i had read that you used that type
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