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    Dry side Oregon
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    guns, motorcycles, hunting, the yard

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  1. was in town today for combine parts, so stoped at wall mart (not a fan) to ask about .410 shells. the clerk said they didn't have any but pointed his little machine at the tag below where the shells would have been on the shelf. he read his machine and said he expected to get three boxes of .410 shells in 2027. been doing a little rabbit, pigon hunting on sunday evenings
  2. sagebrush

    New Guy

    welcome from oregon
  3. dropped a note to my rep. asking him why i didn't see his name on the signature page. will wait for his reply (not holding breath)
  4. welcome chris from oregon
  5. welcome from oregon
  6. i've read that book, it is a good one
  7. nice rifle, welcome from oregon
  8. sagebrush

    New Old Guy

    welcome from oregon
  9. have the 10 oz buffer coming, going to try it in my .243-308ar
  10. welcome from oregon
  11. playing cards clothes pined to rub spokes
  12. ordered a 10.5" .223 ballistic adv. barrel. gonna build a small block ar
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