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  1. it still took the armelite rifle gas tube, hope this one is as accurate as yours. have to order brass yet, so will be awhile before i get to shoot it
  2. just come in from gun room working on .260 rem. wilson barrel. bought barrel last spring on sale, just now putting it on m5 upper. after reading 98's experience with this barrel i had .081 drill bits ready. happy to say that someone at wilson must read this forum. the port in my barrel was .081 already, didn't have to drill it.brownells bolt headspaced correctly, may get it put together next couple of nights.
  3. welcome from the dry side of oregon
  4. i have been packing the sig 365 as a concealed carry gun since last spring. it replaced a kahr pm9. the 365 has a very good trigger and sights
  5. ordered a sba3 pistol brace from pa for 90$, this will go on future sig barrel build. have a jp hand guard (signature series) for my .260 build ordered also.
  6. nice deer, great shot.......
  7. mine showed up saturday. barrel marked 7.62 NATO port measured .067
  8. ordered a 12.5" sig barrel this morning for future build
  9. i started loading shotshells in early 70's on a single stage mec. started loading metallic cartridges on some kind hand held press. my resizer was a piece of driveaxle my grandfather machined a hole in. these were .38 special. you drove the brass case in with a rawhide mallot and out with wood dowel. the first press i bought was a rock chucker in mid 70's, still using that one. bought a dillon 550 early 80's. i used the mec to load shells for my kids to shoot trap. on that press its easy to put spacer cards on top of the wad to reduce load weight thereby reducing recoil. youngest was eight oldest ten. shotshell reloading is very enjoyable, probably not quite as challenging as cartridge reloading.
  10. loaded 1500 12ga. 1 1/4 anne rounds in a couple evenings last week. 50# of replacement shot came in the mail this morning. been sorting hulls other evenings. shot annes sunday and just got back from club shooting annes tonight, put about 500 rounds down range between the two shoots. have 15000 primers coming from recobs, supposed to be here friday
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