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  1. larue has one to set up your trigger out of the gun
  2. got my sa35 in december, springfield is getting some out
  3. nice i like the leather holsters also
  4. starts like an old cat with a pony motor. not knowing anything about trains, do they use a aux. motor to start the main engine?
  5. as i found even later in my research here i found your instructions on how to measure for gas tube length. i failed to add the half inch. so my measurement should have been 11.625. i would assume the 11.750 won't bottom out. haven't ordered yet was measuring so i would be sure to get right tube.(that didn't work so well). as for the recoil system, i am going to order the armalite ar10 carbine buffer and tube kit. the number is ar10rekit01
  6. was to late to edit. did find that the gas tube listed for barrel, shows length as 11.75. it is a normal length
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