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    Dry side Oregon
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    guns, motorcycles, hunting, the yard

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  1. welcome from oregon, nice looking rifle
  2. take cool shower or bath, get the temp down.
  3. i have an old bushmaster varminter made in mid 90's . have taken it with me to s dakota prairie dog hunting for many years. has 24" barrel very accurate. had an adjustable trigger that i replaced with saa-e.
  4. ordered the 104 scope mount and their rat stock from larue a couple weeks ago, still no shipment notification
  5. @Bluedog225ace hardware has number type drill bits, irwin brand i believe
  6. welcome from oregon
  7. i would suggest the same brand upper and lower in the 308ar. welcome from oregon
  8. i use them on all calibers i reload. they show case length min/max. they will show shoulder problems. after running case through resizer you can check it with case guage to make sure it will chamber. after cartridge is reloaded you can check if it will chamber. a case guage is a very useful tool
  9. those extra parts may turn into more ar's. welcome from oregon
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