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  1. Thanks for updating us Billy, I was particularly interested because I was trying to find a slick sided BCG without the cuts for the F/A, don't be a stranger Bub!

  2. Thank you. Just want to be a thoughtful member. I was trying to figure out how to update the title as sold but didn't see an edit option for the title. Thanks for updating it as complete.
  3. Hey. It's long gone. I'll update the post. Haven't been here since the spring.
  4. I have a Fulton Armory .308 complete BCG with a NiB coating. It does not have the side serrations for forward assist. It's never been fired and i'm the original owner. Located in Massachusetts. No Trades. Paypal preferred but can do Venmo as well. $185 shipped. Continental US only.
  5. So after doing some research this evening, couldn't really find anything negative about the 16" mid length configuration in .308. You lose a little bit of velocity with a shorter barrel but this build isn't for long distance shooting so I'm totally fine with that. Considering not a lot of parts are in stock these days due to covid-19, decided to go with it since it was in stock here: https://www.primaryarms.com/ballistic-advantage-ar-10-308-16-mid-length-barrel-5-8x24-babl308003m Seems like Ballistic Advantage is a highly respected barrel maker on the interwebs and has extremely competitive pricing when compared to other brands. Wasn't aware of them back in 2014. They have been bookmarked! Also, since this is going on my Aero Precision M5, figured Ballistic Advantage would be a good pairing since Aero owns them 😃 I have a Superlative Arms adjustable gas block (got a mid length gas tube for the barrel change) and I have go/no go gauges to confirm head-space. I should be good to go for the barrel reconfiguration!
  6. Not interested in carbine config. I was inquiring about 16" mid length configs
  7. This guy? https://www.ballisticadvantage.com/16-inch-308-gov-mid-cmv-modern-barrel.html
  8. Hey guys, It's been several years since I've looked at 308 stuff. I built two 308's back in 2014-2015 and never bothered to keep up with 308 developments after that. Anyways, I started looking again to see what has changed over the past 5-6 years and I noticed some barrel manufacturers are now offering a 16" mid length configuration. I don't remember this being an option back in 2014-2015 and it's very intriguing to me. In the AR-15 world, a 16" barrel with a mid length gas system is my ideal configuration for weight/maneuverability/good dwell time. My question is, would this same logic apply to the .308 caliber in a 16" mid length barrel? Anyone here running a barrel in that config? If so, how's it working for you? Specifically interested in hearing from people who run un-suppressed. https://criterionbarrels.com/products/large-frame-ar/dpms-pattern-308-hybrid-barrel-mid-length-gas-chrome-lined/ https://faxonfirearms.com/16-big-gunner-308-win-mid-length-4150-nitride/ https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/308-16-cmv-mid-barrel Thanks!
  9. So officially bought the Criterion barrel. I went with 18".
  10. When I was looking at AP's Bolt Catch, it just says it's a replacement steel bolt catch for a DPMS .308 lower. So my interpretation of that description is telling me the DPMS .308 bolt catch that comes in the DPMS kit should work as well? It doesn't say anything about it being specifically designed for the M5 like the take down pins or the extended mag release button. If I remember correctly, I remember reading that some bolt catches would crack and that people had to upgrade to a higher strength metal to prevent the issue from happening again. I'm guessing that the AP one is just simply that, a higher strength replacement for people who experienced a cracked one?
  11. Interesting. I bought an Aero Precision M5 receiver set a year ago but never got around to building it. I actually started the project up again. So I bought the DPMS .308 LPK and also bought the Aero Precision .308 take down pins since I knew the DPMS ones would not work. I don't remember seeing anything about the DPMS bolt catch when I did my research a year ago. I'm no where near ready to function test the rifle since I still need a barrel.... Now you guys got me worried. The fact that Aero sells a bolt catch specifically for the M5 receiver is telling me that the DPMS one might not work. Why would they design one specifically for the M5 if the DPMS one works???? Probably because it doesn't and they had to design their own. While I'm at it I'd probably buy the extended mag release button since the stock DPMS one is way too short....
  12. My understanding is walking is a more common issue with fully automatic rifles. Semi's don't suffer anywhere near as bad. Considering its a very cheap upgrade and adds reliability to the rifle, why not. I have them on all my builds.
  13. I always clean a new barrel when I first get it. Usually I get a small amount of gunk and surface rust but what you're describing sounds not normal.
  14. Thanks Josh, appreciate your info via email. I'm definitely going with Criterion. I'm just stuck on 16" vs 18" and need to figure out which length I want.
  15. Cool I'm in talks with Josh right now via email. I'm on the fence......... Tough decision...
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