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Everything posted by dpete

  1. I hope I make it to Medicare before I have to get the knee operated on.
  2. Hemi, those Cortisone shots ain't cheap! I had one this past January thinking that because the injury was work related that the shot would be covered. Surprise! Damn Fed Ex denied the claim and I was stuck getting a shot that cost me over 1K. The worst was I couldn't tell if it did anything for me or not. YMMV
  3. Welcome from WI. Lived in La Grange for 3 years in the 80s. @shooterrex and I were practically neighbors and didn't even know it.
  4. Seems a waste of ammo using it on individual soldiers, other than the fear factor that sets in on the recieving end when a buddy vaporizes on impact.
  5. By Lucas Bernard It was April, 1945. Kriegsmarine U-Boat 1206 was underway prowling off the coast of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Captain Karl Adolf Schlitt needed to take a shiit. At this stage in the war, U-boat rations mostly consisted of preserved bread and bratlingspluver, a soy-based meat filler. Luckily, this submarine was equipped with a state-of-the-art toilet. Unlike most similar craft at the time, U-1206 did not have to store its waste in onboard septic tanks, a feature that freed up much needed stowage space. It instead had a marvelous piece of German engineering, a toilet that pushed shiit into a pressurized airlock to be jettisoned directly out to sea. Typical of such Teutonic tech, this toilet was incredibly complicated and required special training to operate—to flush—correctly. Time was of the essence, and the call of duty did not allow Captain Schlitt to find a toilet specialist. After a little tinkering with the order of operations, Schlitt admitted defeat and sought aid from an enlisted man. One may ask, why was proper toilet procedure so important? An overflowing toilet on land is a nuisance, but on a U-boat, it was a death trap. The battery used in U-boats was highly susceptible to chemical reactions with water. When exposed, it produced chlorine gas. In their wisdom, German engineers located the battery directly underneath the bathroom. Captain Schlitt tried to explain what he had done so far to the toilet, but unfortunately was not as descriptive as he should have been. The sailor turned a valve and a pressurized mix of waste and seawater rushed back into the sub. Racing against the deadly gas filling the submarine, Schlitt burst into action to surface as quickly as possible. The crew blew the ballast tanks and fired off their torpedoes to lose weight. But as they surfaced, they found themselves in even deeper shiit: The British were there to greet them. Schlitt ordered the sub to be scuttled and the men to go overboard. Three men drowned to death and the rest were captured by the British. Captain Schlitt’s shiit still reigns today as the most expensive wartime bowel movement in naval history.
  6. Ground hugging heat seeking fur missle.
  7. Naaaa, not like past boxes that you wanted a fork loft to unload. One box...done.
  8. Gotcha! It won't take long to get boxed up.
  9. Well guys, this might be it. Covid and its panic pretty much shut down much of the shooting around here. People don't shoot what they can't replace. It is loosening up a bit but now time, age, back, and knee are all working against me. A huge shout out of thanks to all of you who I have served in the past. The following list is what I have right now and quite possibly once these are gone thats it. Prices are back to pre Covid levels. If a caliber is on the list I have it. They will disappear as they are sold and an updated list will be posted. Updated 8/31/22 Rifle Calibers @ $2.00/ lb Caliber lbs .223 28.5 .243 1 1/2 .270 4 1/4 .308 10 1/4 30-06 10 1/4 Pistol Calibers @ $2.00/ lb Caliber lbs 357 Mag 1/2 38 Special 2 45 ACP (large primer) 5 3/4 45 ACP (small primer) 6 1/4 Rifle Calibers @ $ .25 each Caliber # of pieces 224 Valkyrie 2 260 1 300 WSM 55 300 WSM (nickel) 26 300 Win Mag 10 308 Win Match (Hornady) 6 spoken for 308 Win (LC headstamp) 157 spoken for 35 Rem 6 350 Legend 25 45-70 2 spoken for 450 Bushmaster 46 450 Marlin 4 6.5 Creedmoor 125 7mm-08 15 7mm-08 (nickel) 9 7mm Mag 18 7mm Mag (nickel) 10 7.62X39 (boxer primed brass) 43 Rifle Calibers @ $ .10 each Caliber # of pieces 300 BLK (factory brass) 29 Pistol Calibers @ $ .10 each Caliber # of pieces 10 mm (Large Primer) 854 10 mm (small primer) 232 357 Sig 88 38 Super 120 38 super (nickel) 32 44 Mag 58 44 Mag (nickel) 21 45 Colt 3
  10. This is good! Accident Report.webm
  11. LMAO!!! Somehow I knew a comment like that was coming!
  12. I've got real life plans for one. Copied some magazine pages years ago. It all depends on how serious you are about flinging shiit. I have to get my azz out there one of these times.
  13. To answer your questions as simply and bluntly as possible (even though you may already know the answers). 1) why must we "register" our guns? Because Hawaii says so. 2) why ban silencers and high capacity pistol mags (yet you can own 50 cal rifles) Because Hawaii says so. 3) why make it so hard, almost impossible, to conceal carry? Because Hawaii says so. 4) what are you supposed to do if you get carjacked or robbed at gunpoint? Pray you don't get killed before the cops eventually show up to take your statement. You appear to have traded freedoms for weather. I'll keep Wisconsin's winters and hopefully the freedoms we now enjoy. Welcome to the forum. My answers may have been covered in snark, but basically that is what it comes down to. State gun laws make no sense.
  14. @BrianK Sounds like Volq' has no customer service qualities at all.
  15. Whether you love him or hate him, this is funny!
  16. Its pretty much just Armalite. There may be others I don't know about.
  17. First of all what is your budget for the scope? Then you have to realize that you can generally get a low cost scope, or a good scope, but not both. It all comes down to what your spending limit is, what features you want, and what clarity of glass you are willing to use.
  18. Straight from Magpul's website: PRS® GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock Compatibility Mounts to rifle-length receiver extension tube without A2 spacer but will also accommodate Mil-Spec sized M4 Carbine and many A5-length tubes with standard Castle Nuts and End Plates (not included)* *NOTE: Due to the wide variety of designs and dimensions of carbine receiver extensions as well as the associated mounting hardware, proper fit cannot be guaranteed. Mounting to a rifle-length receiver extension is recommended to ensure optimal fit and function. You can probably ignore my previous post about the Carbine reciever extension unless you really want to go that route.
  19. Hi and welcome. Hit the Introductions section. The first thing about 308 ARs you will soon learn is that there is no mil-spec, and only Armalite makes an AR10. There can be big differences between an AR10 and most 308 ARs. To answer your general question, yes, any buffer tube can work with a psa lower, PROVIDED compatible parts are used inside the tube you get. Thats the kicker. If you are interested in getting all the right parts from one place this is it. https://www.armalite.com/SACItem.aspx?Item=AR10REKIT01&ReturnURL=/Armalite/Product-Category/AR10-Parts-Accessories/Lower-Receiver-Parts&Category=ac614400-ff09-4cdf-9d35-419a654e7201 Yes they are Armalite parts, and they will work with what you have. It shows as out of stock on the webpage but give them a call, talk to a real person and they usually can put a kit together for you.
  20. Hmmmm. Another good question. I was wondering how a 5.56 jig would work on a 308 lower. Are finishing jig kits that universal?
  21. @DNP This is his last sentence... "Here is my 5.56. I can take a picture of the lower when I get home." The pictures are of a 5.56. We still have to wait for the pics of the 308.
  22. ....and pictures! Pictures of the lower are good. Show us specifically what you have and what we're talking about.
  23. Softpoint hunting bullets will deform going up the feedramps of an AR. For me it made no difference with the ranges we get shots on deer. For the best consistent accuracy stick with OTM or plastic tipped bullets for at the range.
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