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  1. Problems with early Palmetto PA10 kits and uppers are well noted. However I have not heard of many complaints about their FN barreled and Wilson SS (generic) barreled complete uppers and complete rifles. My Gen 1 complete rifle works fine and has yet to fail after hundreds of rounds of commercial and military ammo.
  2. The Gen2 rifle length FN-barreled CHF 1:12 railed uppers with NiB BCG from PSA are "on my mind".


  3. Yeah, nothing but problems for the $$$ bottom line of other .308AR manufacturers.
  4. About 500 rounds M80 (at least 4 varieties), t762tnb1, Fusion, and even Superformance, Not a single failure of any kind, unless you consider marred up rims due to the high tension extractor to be a failure. Again, I purchased the complete rifle (504355) in December 2014 for $799 pictured below (18inch 416R mid).
  5. Far more eye-popping is OutdoorLimited's full power 12ga Rio loads at $44.95/250. At 1,300fps these should have no problem cycling semi shotguns. https://www.outdoorlimited.com/Rio-12-GA-2-3-4-RIOGL322-Game-Load-2-Shot-Case-p/riogl322case.htm
  6. PSAPA10

    Palmetto AR47

    Approaching 1,000 rounds (all M67 and some Golden Tiger used in both ASC and C products 30 round mags) without a single of a failure of any kind. My upper is one of the older carbine length 16 inchers. All that seems to be available at present is mid length 18 inchers.
  7. Palmetto State Armory finally releases their Gen2 PA10 uppers and lowers on Black Friday... and nobody here seem to notice. According to PSA they are functionally compatible with Gen1, but cosmetically dissimilar/mismatched. PSA also mentioned that Gen1 upper and lowers will be kept in production and reintroduced soon. Meanwhile, my Gen1 18-inch stainless midlength (which was purchased as a complete rifle with rear sight for $799 last year) continues to hum along *without a single failure thus far.*
  8. PSAPA10


    I grabbed 500 rounds at $11.99 late last year from Palmetto! I received first-run top quality ammo. I believe it was SGammo that was selling "factory seconds" for around $18.99 last year, without disclosing they were seconds. See my other report on this ammo in this forum!
  9. I have both shiny first-run ammo and the tarnished "factory seconds" that are often sold online (sometimes it's not advertised as such). As you know, this the white box version of the standard duty load for the Scar 17 and other short barreled .308s. I've only shot the factory seconds so far and they this ammo shot well in my Palmetto 18 inch midlength, however about 3 in 20 primers seem to rupture. The primers are not bulged or backed out- there is just a small well defined hole in the center! I don't believe the primers are defective as the "factory seconds" ammo is not out of spec to my knowledge. I believe they are only rejected for dark brass, especially stains on the headstamp. I will report back after I shoot some of the first-run ammo. I bet it's just a hot firing pin and hammer on my Palmetto PA10, however I have not had a single "holed" primer like this with any other ammo.
  10. Hornady Superformance 165gr GMX works fine in my PSA PA10 18" mid length. No feeding or cycling issues. Sure, Superformance is primo bolt action ammo, but should be safe and effective in most rifle length and mid length gas systems.
  11. PSAPA10


    Not to highjack this topic here, but while we are on the topic of compatible handguards, Palmetto State is lately offering more of their .308 uppers without handguards. http://tinyurl.com/mmhrvym I am looking at their rifle length 20" upper without handguards and they just started offering their 18" Mid upper without handguards as well. So any further sources and options for 16" carbine/mid, 18" mid, and 20" rifle length guards is appreciated. Classic round or inexpensive polymer would nice but I am open to suggestions as long as they fit Palmetto PA10.
  12. The Turks make some badass ammo. 70 year old Turk 8mm Mauser was the only round to penetrate an AR500 steel plate in some guys Youtube video when tested against a variety of similar military rounds. I stockpile ZQ1 .308 because it shoots well in my PSA PA10 and I don't believe we will ever see 50 cent M80 spec ammo again after the price of this stuff is raised or it's banned.
  13. It's real. I have one. http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/catalog/product/view/id/18779/s/psa-pa10-18-mid-length-stainless-steel-308-win-1-10-rifle
  14. I've flown several times with multiple firearms and ammo without any issues. I believe the Federal limit for ammo is 11lbs per person. I've only flown with Southwest and they were very gun friendly. In fact, Southwest told me I could fly with an unlimited number of firearms as long as I was willing to pay for anything over their generous weight limits.
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