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  1. Got an email my order shipped, review and pics to follow.
  2. These hold three mags each? I went to order ten and then stopped. I know stupid question but... when you don't sleep well, stupid is the order of the day.
  3. @98Z5V Well I got you in the genius Department all over again. Never mind the comparison on gun part prices, you got a brain that don't stop. I walked out of the gin mill one day to help a plumber because he needed a helper on an emergency. He fixed a yellow brass ( weak stuff to begin with) 4 elbow turn and I thought him a genius. I didn't know any mechanical stuff at the time. I worked radar and radios. Anyhow I ended up, with the help of 3 heavy combat jarheads, who dragged me out of bed into a plumbing crew. I spent the next 40 years plumbing. You are someone who should have a youngster you could teach all your tricks to. Sort of a sidekick and pass all your knowledge to. I know I'm jumping into your stuff and offering advice, and remember the last time I did. Your buddies jumped onto my shite, as if you needed saving. However when I see an Ace I call an Ace.
  4. All over I find sick prices on ammo and most don't have any in stock. Emergency supply only above. Well Optics Planet is double what you generally pay for green tip. I paid 65 per and usually paid 30-33 cents per. Nuts for now and I hope the prices begin to fall but...
  5. Delivered as promised and had a $15 off coupon for spending $150 or more. OK not the best deal in the world but it was available. In a pinch I don't mind spending the current prices. Better to have than have not. BTW I met a young family guy who has ammo and I bought some 357sig from him. Good guy that sells ammo and not promises.http://byronsammo.com. I found him on GB. We had a little mix up and the guy came through with flying colors.
  6. We'll see, today should be Optics Planet delivery.
  7. I bought at .33 at one time but today .65 is on the lower side. Deliveries got messed up by me. 01/04/21 for the ammo.
  8. I should have mentioned I got the lead on the ammo from RECOIL mag. in an email. We'll see if it's delivered today as promised.
  9. Have a notice of delivery for tomorrow. Get back to you if...
  10. Optics Planet M855 62 gr. 200 rounds .65 each
  11. Did you happen to load up on ammo when you bought the rifle? I bought one of the rifle's that worked well also. There are beaucoup folks who weren't as fortunate, and many end up here looking for answers and get the correct answers. If I were to give out a " Dick " award for this category it would go to the manufacturer that you bought it from.
  12. Good stuff listed above. I'll watch it now. Too much of a turkey dinner hangover to do much else. Thank you.
  13. When I was younger I knew everything, now not so much. Any help I can get understanding the whole subject of Ham Radio is much appreciated. In directly answering your question all help with the UV5R is accepted. I can just picture a youngster handling a soldering iron and having at it akin to a Norman Rockwell painting. My mother-in-law has replaced her pc, I kept the unit and as soon as the Hakko soldering iron I ordered arrives I'm having at it. While viewing my attic to see what kind of antenna setup I could fit there I found some left over cable vision parts. They are going to be deconstructed right quick as well. When being trained 50 years ago we had wall sized radios to work on. Not doing any repair work just getting a feel for the controls. A dial is a dial, right? Well after a very short time you would think we were safecrackers the way we delicately tuned in frequencies. For now I'm missing the hands on part of training. One club I applied for is the West Palm Beach Amateur Radio club. They have meetings in the South Florida Science Center. Lots of interesting ideas and experiments to be had there. As a married family guy I have had enough shared conversations regarding coupons and Aunt Millie's bunions. I need some intellectual stimulation that I'm not getting at home. What did I read recently about tricking your antenna into thinking it was longer that it really was? What component can you add to the antenna to achieve this? What is that long lazy s shaped symbol in formulas which I think stands for length of material? Once I saw a thought on how dents could affect antenna material I knew I had gone too far into the subject. Gotta walk the pup. @Lane
  14. @Lane Good Morning, I am looking for an Elmer as a general guide to this hobby. I think we discussed earlier about learning, and how hands on experience trumped book learning. Of course both are needed but that tactile experience is second to none. Would I refuse help with the UV5R, no. While I am retired and might have much more time than an engaged professional, this particular hobby is a whole new world to me. While you say electrical principals is something you never had to study for, I wonder was the subject not required or were you already well versed in it? I don't need to study the subject, I want to study it. I had to go to work to support a family, (break out the tiny violins), so I never completed college. I did try to complete it but never made it, too much work and not enough time. I find the exams a challenge and studying for them is invigorating. This Extra exam is extra difficult. The component nomenclature is worthy of a semester of study all by its lonesome. All in all I enjoy being challenged and engaged in learning. I sent in two applications for local radio clubs. One is very deeply concerned with emergency assistance while the other is engaged in the scientific and experimental aspects. The ARRL is having a sale today offering 30% off Antenna books, I'm waiting for them to update their daily code and will buy one or two books. That's a fascinating subject as well. It sounds as if you have your hands full with the new antenna farm. I wish I could help but that's not going to be a reality any time soon. Even in plumbing, each and every twist and turn in a pipe run, 45's, or 90's or a tee, you lose some velocity. I can see setting up an antenna that most of the challenges would be in the connections. Any ill fitting connections must multiply the loss and maybe kill it altogether. Which physics text are you referring to? I am interested. What size Allen wrench do you need. I have many extra tools and would gladly send a set to you. I'll PM you in a moment. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I'm about to tackle the prep work for this 22lb turkey I get to cook for the family, thank goodness there aren't any connections except for the dismantling of that carcass.
  15. @Lane I got lost in the study mode for a bit. I have had a few exam sites cancel because of covid fears so I let up on the fervor. I bought the ARRL Extra Class License Manual and have been reading it. I've just begun Chap. 4 Electrical Principles and the math that it entails. Since I'll be waiting until Feb. for this next exam it allows me that much more time for study. Best of luck setting the antennas up. From what I've seen that's the most important component. That's an art form in itself. I've yet to handle any equipment other than the UV5R. I'll need a local Elmer to begin to really 'Get' what these radios are all about. I've joined a club recently and will attend the next meeting, but I think with the Holidays upon us I'll have to wait for the new year. I ordered a pixie and will get some gear together to begin experimenting. Also I've become interested in Morse/CW, how about you? Any CW interest?
  16. It's yours and that's fine, go enjoy it. Let us hear a range report when you get a chance.
  17. Thank you for the reference to the small units. I'm about to begin gathering tools for this hobby. I was a tradesman so I have many hand tools as it is, but I never did have a soldering iron. That will be first, followed by some solder and a wire nipper. I've seen some pictures of homes with antenna complexes. They look like Yamamoto's flag ship in dry dock. BTW it's nice to know you won't be going the rooftop route. That is encouraging as well because I must build an attic rig. Although first I'm on the Extra license pursuit right now. I'm taking a course on Youtube that ends in Feb, I may not have the patience to wait and take the exam in early Dec., then continue viewing the YouTube course for education pursuits. A guy I was looking to for an Elmer is a snowbird. He is a neighbor but not in the area for now. Won't he be surprised when he returns here and discovers I have my Extra. He offered to help me get my Technician ticket. I need to get some sleep, talk to you soon, thanks for the messages.
  18. Thank you as well. Pretty cool little radio that you showed. I like it a lot. I should have said that sooner but was thinking of other things at the time. I think it awesome that you bought stuff to see what it looked like. I'm doing the same. I have to get a feel of each component, it just makes it more familiar. The teacher said, " Whatever you do don't discharge these capacitors with a screwdriver. " Teacher turns his back and 'snap crackle pop'. That's learning. I've collected many rifle 308 rifle parts while hanging out at 308ar.com. If I find a HFham.com the parts bucket will be jammed up right quick. I appreciate the offer of help, I'm sure to take you up on it. You definitely represent what I think they consider an Elmer. I know, I'll need some time to get used to the name, Elmer. Doesn't roll of the tongue too well. I am looking forward to your project. If I lived nearby I would offer some help. That hand's on experience is worth ten times the book learning. I'm not knocking the books, to me that's straight up discipline. Are the antennas roof mounted? As an aside and the reason I asked is, I was doing a plumbing job in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I had to vent a ceiling hung gas fired space heater. I drilled a hole through the cement roof to run some smoke pipe. I used a ladder to get on the roof, a steep vertical roof. I worked alone like an a hole, I was new and wanted to impress the boss. There was a quick freeze and the roof became an icicle. Yonder ladder was about twenty feet away but seemed like a mile. Buddy, I was terrified and prayed each moment I inched my way back through God's good grace to safety. Please don't work alone this winter on the roof. I like the idea of an attic setup.
  19. Very cool. I see the controls and identified the power switch, ant. conn., audio plug-in and assume the tuner in the upper left, am I correct? 1976 attended UB, and wildly drunk most days. I had PTSD and was not aware of it. I used radio's and ECM, ECCM, equipment as a weapon many years ago. I used million dollar equipment and was very good at listening and identifying enemy intelligence gathering equipment. They were not play things at the time. We used radio RF equipment to call in airstrikes and Naval Gunfire support. AND S H I T we don't talk about, E V E R. Some of us have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of America, and have promised to keep our traps shut, over. But now it's time to play. Other folks have continued where we left off. Some guys here are still fighters and much respect to them. I'm done. I'm effin playing. On this particular site they have taught me to build and use a well oiled 308. It sits nearby, and I'm glad to say it's gathering dust. I am way older than you but, you have made me aware of new info and have inspired me as well, to continue learning more and more about our radio interests. When I say I appreciate your supply of information I mean it. It's an honest remark. Some of the guys like playing cutie pie and leave snide and childish remarks. That's OK, they have some mental challenges and perhaps are not aware of them. I started this thread to attract operators and I believe you are one of them. Some other fellows became interested in getting their licenses and I hope they do. I gotta walk the pup, he giving me the look.
  20. I'll give you the time frame for the blizzard I experienced. Rocky was a new movie. I attended U.B. The Buffalo Bills were not doing well once more just a few years after the Super Bowl title. The whole town was suffering an economic slowdown. Beer sales were through the roof. I think you should continue your pursuit of a balanced system. I'm retired so I find it rewarding for a retired guy to accept the challenge of stretching out my capacity to learn. Especially this subject matter. I've already been rewarded from picking up some knowledge regarding Ham Radio and some concepts. This subject gets deep and wide quickly. If I didn't know better I'd think C.S. Lewis was a HF operator. Alice and her tumble is apropos here, as proof of his confusion. I was going to wait for later to post, but that investing in beer comment made me smile. I'm in the middle of a free session learning about the Extra ticket and it's interesting as well as adding mental ammo for the exam. I'll be back. I do appreciate your leads and comments, and I do use them. Thank you! 73
  21. I found a local testing center and will take the exam soon. The Extra level ham manual is almost as thick as the Technician and General combined. I'm going in to study mode. I'm using one of those kitchen wind up clocks. It is set for one hour, and one hour of study a day is my goal. Maybe two hours split would be better. I'll report back.
  22. @LaneI just asked the questions to become more knowledgeable of the actual practices you may be involved in. This Ham Radio science is a deep and varied subject. The second paragraph you wrote got me thinking about how a person could learn for a lifetime and still be challenged and intrigued. I thought that you must be highly intelligent. That alone is worthy of respect. I did search " whitened data ", and immediately found another difficult to read paragraph posted from Quora. The info was beyond my comprehension though, but words reflecting concepts of AI and some such models commands a fascination for sure. Tip of the hat to you. I'm looking to solve an antenna challenge and that's a tough nut for me to crack. Most clubs have not solved the off site monitoring yet, not because of their illiteracy but that of the test takers and computer skills. You need two cameras, one for viewing the test taker and one to prove a clean space. That's a space where no hidden cheat sheets could be used. Alaska has developed a system that works and they are best of show right now. It is my understanding that with the advent of digital and computer work the field of Ham Radio is under tremendous forces to update. I have found the resistance to change a powerful force. That leads to guys that want to upgrade to find their equipment not as valuable as they think it is. Rather that take a 'loss' they hold on to it. I'm guilty of that as well in other areas. Hoarding? maybe. I think it more like proud folks incapable of accepting change. I'm in that camp as well at times. I bought that xxx equipment at a thousand, and it still performs well, how on earth could it only be worth three hundred now? I'll ask for a fair seven hundred and I'm sure an educated consumer will snap it up. And they wait and wait and ... "At some point, another ham mentioned to me that getting an extra class license is basically a proof that you can build your own HF transceiver" Quote yours. I was reading on another site and a post stated " ... that guy should have not complained just because he is too lazy to go back and learn the theory again. He should just prepare and take the test again." I think if folks really had to learn how to build a transceiver and know electrical theory there would be far less Extra licensees. Assuming Extras can build XTs is a wonderful homage to non-existent people. LOL I will pass the exam mostly by rote and then learn theory. I checked out the 7100 while writing this reply. A good alternative for me to get other than a base model. You know what, I'm loving all these units. I'm surprised I haven't bought something already, well other than the UV5R. I loved upstate NY. We would drive there from the city. I could actually feel that poisonous stress oozing out of my body once we arrived anywhere surrounded by trees. Of course we did the weekend escapes to Wappinger Falls, heck if I can't remember my favorite place right now. Stars with a W. Dang. I went to school in Buffalo and survived those blizzards in 74? I forget the exact dates but we got 12 feet of snow. I loved it BTW. Total disaster area. NO school, no police, no Fire fighters, no banks or supermarkets. As students we had a ball. Party time. With all Buffalo shut down I'll alwys remember this guy and his sled. Somehow, someway he found a place to sell him two cases of beer. I need to solve the antenna challenge. I removed all the Christmas gear from my attic today. I have a 32" run, one area is a 20' run but only 24-30" high. The remainder is about 48" high. The attic is a very difficult area to move in, I'll need my nephew to do the install, if indeed it makes sense even to attempt it. I am thinking of a Comet H422. I'm thinking long and hard as it's a $350 unit. I need an Elmer. This is getting to be a very long post, so I'll just drop the ball now... Thanks Bud!
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