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  1. They have a big warning on their website regarding this sort of thing. I would make sure I was calling the correct place, and keep trying.
  2. That’s a big shopping cart for orange juice and coconut milk (or whatever it really is)…..but I’m dying to know where she keeps her money…..And does she squeak when she walks….
  3. Depends on what kind of bar….you might get a lot of friends suddenly. Put some brownie mix on that thing and clear out the bar without ever having to swing it….just saying
  4. ……so what I hear you saying is, that the temperature hit 76° twice this year, and dropped to a balmy 74° once…..sound about right? (just jealousy talking)
  5. That means winter is coming. That is the problem here in the desert, extreme heat and extreme cold with a week of Fall and Spring in between. Side note, isn’t it funny that put the thermostat at 65° in winter and its cold, but 65° in summer is just right?
  6. I’m now worried for myself……this absolutely makes perfect sense to me
  7. Come out and shoot with me sometime. That sounds fun (for me at least).
  8. Thanks….I have actually picked up on this and now have to sleep with one eye open.
  9. My name is Bill, and I split my time between Phoenix AZ (95%) and Gig Harbor WA (5%, but future retirement spot). I found this site while researching 308 builds and have been impressed with the knowledge I have read so far. In fact, I have since realised that instead of building a rifle and producing a large paperweight…..I can just go buy a rifle that works, and possibly save enough money to buy a small paperweight that fits the desk appropriately. I’m in awe of the knowledge on here and want to thank everyone who has shared their knowledge freely.
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