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  1. Yup, bought extractor. not the pin.
  2. Thank you!! I will hunt down DPMS ex pin!!
  3. OK, finally got to shoot my build. Shoots pretty accurate. But,,,,,,,,, no rhyme or reason, will not grab to eject the fired shell. The ejector doesn't grab the shell? Tries to jam another in its place. Empty still in barrel. Unjam it, pull clip, reset charge handle, empty comes right out like it should. Ejector clip bad? Wilson bolt assy.
  4. I was being optimistic saying a week, you are right, been freekin raining forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Tested with gauges that Faxon uses, good to go!!!!!!! Got it all back together and waiting for the rain to quit so I can try it out...... Feel like a frog, been raining pretty much for a week here.....................


    Welcome from Western Wisconsin!!!!
  7. Welcome from Western Wisconsin!!!!
  8. Welcome from Western Wisconsin!!!
  9. This^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I bought one too and had 3 different people scope it out, can't find blem. Nice piece!!!
  10. Just used the headspace gauges that Faxon uses and we are good to go!!!!!!!!!!! WWWOOOOO HHHOOOOOO!!!!!!! Now to test it out!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Welcome from Western Wisconsin!!!!!!

    New Guy

    Welcome from Western Wisconsin!!!
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