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  1. Yoooooou muuuuutha fu.......... 🤣
  2. Well, it comes at a price. My older Excalibur Equinox is shooting 350fps with a 400 grain setup using 36" limbs. I believe only 170lb draw weight. This little bugger has a foot narrower limbs but they are thicker & wider with a draw weight of 270lb! The shorter draw length makes it not too incredibly difficult.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, I knew not to aim at the same spot but ..... figured I was safe at 50yds lol. 16.5 inch 250 grain bolt with 150 grain heads- 400 gr total. 340 fps
  4. 😂🤣 That or it's that damn late night tv physic's fault
  5. I think that's how I ended up with 2 kids.....
  6. Made the mistake of aiming at the same spot twice at 50yds....
  7. Eliminate the Cities of Pittsburgh & Filthadelphia & we'd be at the bottom of any criminal stat list
  8. Amen! Also ordered a few spare strings, a couple dozen arrows & 2 dozen broadheads. Wanted to make sure I have extras of EVERYTHING on hand. Never know when shipping may seize or product availability diminishes worse. I should be good for a while now.
  9. I'm king of justifying buying shlt I don't need lol. Wasn't going to blow the $$ to buy another bow considering what's going on here & globally. Then I decided it be useful to have a more compact bow & having the older bow as a back up/ spare is essential. In addition, it's a necessity to have a SILENT lethal option for dispatching of 2&4 leg varmint if needed. Firearms are too loud for some cases or areas.
  10. Thanks. They're hard to beat! Accuracy is excellent, no tuning, super simple & can be worked on without a press. Yeah, my Equinox (pictured above, beside the micro) is about 36" wide also. Tough in tight places but a Hell of a great bow! I'm shooting the same 150gr Boltcutter broadheads on the micro as I do the Equinox- flies perfectly. However I did find out my Block Crossbow cube target (Rated to 400 fps) WILL NOT stop the micro bolts w/ the 150gr Boltcutters! Buried them to the nocks! Lol
  11. Thanks Matt! Only 21"wide & 6lb is going to make it nice in the blind or other tight places
  12. You'll have the best maintained lawn in town!🤣
  13. Just finished getting the 340 built & sighted in. Shot about 30 arrows & am EXTREMELY HAPPY with it! I was initially a little wobbly with it , I'm used to the much larger Equinox. It's harder yet easier to cock compared to my Equinox. I'm 6'4" 260lb. I'm used to the long cocking on the old bow that's main resistance is only the last 1/3 of the stroke. The 340's firmer resistance is fairly consistent but a very short draw distance for my long arms. So while a little more strength is needed, the shorter draw makes it not too bad for me. After having shoulder surgery (multiple torn tendons & rotator cuff)1 1/2 years ago, I'm very happy I can cock by hand & shoot it well. That was one of my concerns when I ordered it.Definitely sounds quieter than the Equinox, trigger is not quite as nice though. Although i recall the Equinox trigger got better after 100 shots or so. The Dead Zone scope the 340 came with is ok but I may put the Excalibur illuminated or Ten Point illuminated scope on that I got sitting on the shelf.Definitely satisfied with the purchase, $647 was a fair price I guess considering fuel & inflation ....(F.U. biden!)
  14. Figured before prices & fuel go even more Full Retard, I'd order an Excalibur Micro Mag 340 crossbow.
  15. New target for the Excalibur crossbow. Rated to stop up to 650fps. Hurricane Cat 5.
  16. 🤣 Yeah, I learned that the hard way about 15 years or so back when i got mine. I too bought several extra of the Dyna Flight Speed Strings but haven't needed to replace yet. The recurve design is nice because it's only a few second job to change or adjust string. No press etc. needed like with the compound type. Only sacrifice is a little less compact.
  17. You gotta do it! 🤣 just may take 3 or 4 deer to brake even 😂🤣😄😅
  18. Get one & try it! You can always upgrade to a better model down the road if desired.
  19. Got some alternative quiet ammo on the way for the Excalibur
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