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  1. I've been using multi-focal contacts for a few years now and that seem to work well in most situations. Remember actually taking multiple brands with me to the pistol range to see what worked better when I first started wearing them. My eye doctor is good about letting me try multiple trial lenses. There's a bigger difference between the brands than I would have thought. (Especially using open sights and driving at night in the rain.) I ended up going with Alcon Air Optix, which are good for a month and you can get deals if you order them online. I also did eventually add a Holosun 507K-X2 micro red dot to my EDC (SS365XL). I work in a shitty neighborhood and have a ways to go before I can retire. Don't expect the neighborhood or my eyes to improve in the next 10-20 years. Everybody is different. Keep trying different things until you find what works best for you. But that's what's working for me.
  2. MtnMike

    Sig 716 Tread

    Make it 3 for the LaRue MBT 2s. Have another one coming in any day now.
  3. @98Z5V I appreciate the info on the 158. I did send LaRue Customer Service an inquiry re: the weight on the LT 158. They did respond as follows: "6.9 ounces for the QD lever version and 6.7 ounces for the VFZ." So another company with good customer service that should be commended. And, I did buy one of their MBT2s to install in the new rifle. I'm kind of leaning towards the 158 with the QD at the moment. Given the scopes I'm looking at are in the $1500-2000 range for this rig. I might as well be able to switch it onto to other rifles or uppers. Now if I can just get my clients to pay me for the work I did two months ago, I can pay for the old fart toys!
  4. Also wanted to mention that all the SPs I've ever bought are at least jacketed in copper. There may be some unjacketed SPs out there, like some .22 rounds - never seen it though.
  5. Out of curiosity. I racked 4 different SP bullets through my 2 AR 308s. I could see, (once I put my reading glasses on), some minor scratching of bullets in both guns. Actually, slightly more pronounced in the Windham (through which I shoot SPs regularly) than the other, which hasn’t been shot yet. Definitely nothing which would affect the operation of the gun, and probably nothing that would affect accuracy at 100 yards. Attaching a photo of the worst one. Bear in mind the photo is magnified. Definitely don’t want to lead others astray. I’ll keep shooting them though. I like to practice with the same ammo I’ll hunt with. But they’re probably not for long range snipers and other rocket scientists.
  6. I'll probably do that when I get closer to purchasing. Gonna take the cookie jar money a month or to to recover from the rifle purchase any way. I pay off my credit cards every month and haven't paid interest on a CC since 2014 or so. The one thing I don't like about the Leupold integrated mount (which is 0 MOA & 1.4" ring height) is that it is 6 oz. Not horrible. But I'd pay a bit more for something of comparable quality that was an or 2 less. I did come real close to pulling the trigger on a Leupold Vx6 2-12x42. (Midway is selling fully equipped and warranted refurbished blems of this scope right now for $500 off), but I wanted to check out the field of view at low power first. Went to my local Sportsman's Warehouse to literally take a peep, but none in stock. I'll take that as sign to be patient. No need to rush on this rig. I've already got one I'm quite happy with for the coming hunting season.
  7. @mrmackc Wanted to thank you for that link. Informative video that led me to their YouTube page, where they have a bunch more informative videos. As a boy, my dad taught me what he knew about shooting - primarily learned in the army. But I guess they didn’t teach the infantry and paratroopers much about scopes in his day. After watching a video on proper scope position relative to proper head/cheek position, I checked all my scoped center fire rifles. The one that was way off, was the Remington 700bdl that I got from my dad, when he grew to old to hunt. Maybe it fit him. I will say, it’s been 100% in taking deer shot at. But now I have to figure out if there is a way to back up the scope on it. It’s already backed up as far as the mount will allow. May be more trouble than it’s worth to remount.
  8. @blue109 Gotta ask. What's your mount and scope objective?
  9. @98Z5V No worries my friend. I read you right. Just thought maybe I was currently missing a price differential on the VFZ vs the QD mount. What I really want you to do, because I'm a selfish egotistical bastard, is to disassemble your gun and weigh the 158 mount - (even though there's a 90% chance I'll still get the the Leupold - cause I'm bent that way and it appears to be slightly lower). But I would never actually expect you to do that. I think I'm the only one who anally weighs his components. My biggest problem with the Leupold Vx5 3-15x56 is it weighs in at 22.2 oz., which is heavy by my standards. I'm constantly face the dilemma when choosing scopes of going with the larger objective lens (which I Iike for low light hunting) versus the added weight they bring. The Vx5 3-15xx44 weighs 19.7 oz. And the Vx6 2-12x42 weighs in at 19.9 oz and includes the very nice Alumina magnetic lens caps.
  10. Did not know other AR10s had trouble with SPs. My Windham has cycled a ton with no issues. Then again, it seems to eat everything well. Must be the exception.
  11. https://palmettostatearmory.com/norma-150-gr-softpoint-308-winchester-ammunition-20-rounds-2422029.html
  12. So, a 20 MOA mount tilts the scope down (to raise the barrel angle up) twice as much as a 10 MOA? If I am understanding correctly. I actually started out as a math major decades ago ... obviously killed off those brains cells over the decades.
  13. OK. Confessing my ignorance. What the difference between a scope mount with 20MOA vs 10MOA? I very rarely shoot at distances more than 150 yards. Pretty sure I read somewhere the Leupold has 20MOA built in. Also, in their defense the Leupold Mark AR mounts are made in the US and the one on my WW has been bullet-proof and never moved at all. They're held on with 5 bolts. Don't see any current discount for the VFZ mount at LaRue. The Leupold is currently $77 at Midway. 2 pieces of info I don't have: (1) Exactly -the height over mounting surface for the 30mm Leupold - not sure how this is measured and is that the same thing as ring height? Top rail to the center of the scope on my 1" version on my WW measures right at 1.5". Leupold specs the ring height for the 30mm version at 1.4". I've always been told that you want to go as low as possible - but obviously your objective lens needs to clear. (2) Anyone have any idea of the weight of the LaRue in its QD and/or VFZ configurations? Don't see this info on their webpage. Leupold is 5.8 oz. I try to keep my rifles and gear as light as possible w/o sacrificing ruggedness. QD does have some appeal. It might be nice to be able to use the same scope on multiple rifles. Now to sneak the newest black rifle into the house from the truck while the wife is still asleep ... once inside it should blend in unnoticed!
  14. For the record - and because I think good customer service should be commended - Leupold got back to me in less than than 1 business day and informed me that the mount in question would work with the scope in question with 0.15" clearance. SO their support is still up and running like it used to! I did look at those LaRue mounts. Love their MBT-2 triggers. But their mounts are kind of pricey. Especially considering I rarely, if ever, remove a scope I'm happy with. $324 - That's a lot of bullets I can be shooting instead of biting!
  15. Thanks for the input! I'll definitely look at the Athlon & LaRue mounts. I've also sent a question into Leupold Customer service. See if and how quickly they respond in the post-Covid world of scarce employees. And, I saw where Midway currently has some blem VX6 - 2-12x42 for a very decent discount. That's a damn fine hunting scope at $500 off. Trying to hold off on the scope purchase until the bank account has recovered from the rifle purchase (DD5v3). Already have a perfectly good rig setup for this Fall's hunting season.
  16. I'm currently trying to determine what mount to use for a 3-15x56mm w/ a 30mm tube. Leaning towards trying the integrated Leupold Mark AR 30mm. I currently use the 1" version of this mount with a 1" tube 3-9 x 50mm on another AR 10 and there is about 6-10 mm of clearance - hard to measure accurately in the location of smallest clearance. Also, haven't figured out if the 1" (25.4mm versus 30mm scope/mount diameter) will be critical. Want it as low as possible - but don't it rubbing and like to use lens caps. Wondering what mounts others have used and like for similarly sized scopes.
  17. After a year or so of ownership, upgrades and tweaking, I have to say I've got my Windham Weaponry SRC R16SFT-308 set up and working pretty much perfect for my needs. Just ordered a Daniel Defense DD5V3, which will be a very similar rifle. Kind of an impulse purchase. I'd been on their "notify me when in stock" list forever. And, every time in the past when they had sent me a notification it was "in stock" it had been out of stock by the time I'd checked the link. Probably should not have bought a gun that expensive that will largely be redundant. But as my wife as often noted, I am a sucker for marketing. I also like to support local companies, and they are located in the Carolinas (as am I). Wish me luck with by far the most expensive gun purchase I've ever made.
  18. now, I've gone a done it ... wanted one, just to see if it's really all that. Of course now it'll need it's own scope. And, I'll probably end up replacing the trigger ...
  19. Not just wives - daughters won't take advice from their dads either (at least mine). I actually would pay my most qualified buddy to give my daughter the exact information and training I could have given her for free. However, since the buddy was a "pro" and she knew the training was paid for, she'd listen and follow the training from him. Good news is that both daughters are now grown, out of the house and married to fairly decent fellows - and we all shoot well!
  20. Very nice! Still contemplating entering the crossbow realm. Used to bow hunt. But my old Browning Explorer compound became obsolete, unsafe and unserviceable. Going to see how enjoyable and productive new hunting area in SC is this year before dropping the $ for the extra 4 weeks or so of season. Love the simplicity of the Excalibers. Love the cocking mechanisms of the Ravins. I'm 56 and quite fit at present, but aging is inevitable - main upside of the Ravin. Let us know how the 340 hunts!
  21. @dpete Appreciate the link. I'll keep that in mind. I was unaware of that particular forum. With the Biden economy, I've cooled my jets on the crossbow for this season. Going to see how the new SC hunting digs pan out this year before dropping a bunch of $ for the extra 4 weeks of season. Buddy about 2 hrs away has approximately 50 acres basically only being hunted by himself and his youngest son. Cleared a bunch of undergrowth from 4 stand areas and put out a couple of salt blocks a couple of weeks ago. Going to plant a few clover patches in late summer ... hopefully it will be bountiful!
  22. @shooterrex When opportunity strikes, have a few Franklins ready! Good deal!
  23. https://www.brownells.com/magazines/rifle-magazines/magazines/d-50-lr-sr-gen-m3-pmag-50-rds-7-62x51-308-black-sku100035732-125121-232442.aspx Never hurts to be a bit more prepared for the EndoTimes Kerfluffle. And, it's on sale!
  24. Leupold is my #1. Great glass. Great warranty & support. Usually lighter in weight than comparable scopes. Made in US. Vortex is my # 2. Good Glass. Good warranty. Great Support. Usually better value than comparable scopes. My 2 cents, and that's probably what its worth.
  25. Saw that WW has just released a couple of slightly different variants of their 16" sfsct-308. New colors: battleworn black & burnt bronze; upgrades from base model include Magpul stock, for-end grip and metal MBUS sights, also the Yankee Hill flash suppressor instead of the A2 on the base. https://www.windhamweaponry.com/firearms/rifles/308-caliber-rifle/r16sfsct-308-bb/ I have been 100% satisfied with my WW sfst after a few upgrades of my own. Zero failures to fire or cycle after about 500 rounds with broad variety of ammo. Mine is primarily set up for deer hunting, but I still get groups under 1" with some soft tip lead bullets and target ammo. So if you are too lazy to put an AR10 together from pieces, or just want one that always works, you might want to check 'em out.
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