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Whos using a 16" AP4 .308 and what kind of distance can you get out of it?

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I have a new AP4 with a Trijicon 2.5-10-56 that I bought for deer hunting as well as SHTF.

But I was just curious what kind of range y'all are getting out of these badboys.

I zeroed mine at 200 yards with Hornady Whitetail 150 gr and 300 yards was a breeze.

I keep reading about this NOT being a good long distance rifle on the net but I'm pretty happy thus far.

I know it wont hang with my Classic 20 but im curious what kind of long range distances everyone is shooting?

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I figure if it'll reach out to 500-600 yards I'm good with it. I just ordered a Geiselle SSA-E trigger for this rifle and my 6.5 Grendel.

I know for fact the Grendel will shoot 600 Yards, I've done it.

Are you referring to target or deer at that range? 600 yards would be about the max effective range on deer for the .308 , the Grendel about 400 yards using the 1000 ft.lbs. of energy rule.

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There's a very simple/generic math for most high caliber firearms. A 10.5" barrel is rated to be deadly out to +100 yards... round up, then add 1" to the barrel length for every 100 yards you intend to shoot to... 11"=100, 12=200, 13"=300 and so on.

Mind you, this is just to remain "deadly"...A short barrel is accurate well beyond its lethal range. It just won't do much, beyond poke holes in paper, at that point.

I knew I'd never shoot my .308 beyond 600 yards, so when I built it, I built it to maximize on its effective range. That allowed me to cut weight and streamline it accordingly.

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Back in the days of open sights longer barrels also meant longer distance between rear and frount sights(longer sight radius) which moved minute of angle further down range,hence a sense of longer range accuracy. Now more perfect optics and better mountings and more precise elevation and windage adjusting devices along with more precision machine rifle barrels have made shorter accurate rifle barrels possible.....IMHO.

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