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looking for glass for new ar10 (nikon m-308?)

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just joined this sight and i`m trying to get some good, positive info.


i just bought a new ar10(armalite of course!) looking to buy a good optic.


just to start, i have a couple of ar15`s w/ m-223`s on them and i am totally

impressed with them. very clear & bright glass & i really like the BDC ret.


to that end, do you guy`s like the m-308? i`m so used to the BDC and like the way

it works for me, i don`t want to change to another brand unless you think the m308

is not that good on top of the ar10.


price is the main reason i like the m-series.( i can`t & won`t buy $700 to 1k or more scope)

for the price, it does all i need it to do.


hoping i could get some insight from m-308 users.



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Just got back from the range today...shot both my 308's that have the m-308 and one that has the vortex 6x24 pst...all i can say is that the nikon makes it fun...dial it in to 100 and each substension is accurate to the next 100yds using the 168gr  ammo that its made for,

never missed a steel plate out to 500 over and over....yes the vortex is great but not having to dial the nikon makes for a fun day.

:)  Wash

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Had one. It's an OK scope but I had major "black ring" issues with it. The mount is also iffy - nice that it had a 20-moa cant to the mount but due to the two-sided clamp setup, you can't remove the scope and re-install it without a major re-zero.


Returned it and got a Vortex PST (6-24x50 FFP MRAD) instead. 

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black ring?  i read something about this somewhere else. is this a paralex thing?


please explain. i did not have any eye related issues w/ the m223


At full zoom, it seems like the small exit pupil was just small enough to interfere with my ability to get a proper head/eye position, thereby giving rise to the black "ring" effect where you don't see the full picture. It's probably just me, but I could not find a good position and was struggling to get a good sight picture from the scope.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have both the PA 4-14 (with the ACSS reticle) and the Nikon M223. 


I find the PA is not as crisp and clear as the Nikon, but I do like the illuminated reticle on the PA.


Basically, for me it came down to price.  I begrudgingly went with the PA instead of buying the M308.  $250 vs $500.


For half the price I am quite happy with PA.  I don't know how well it will hold up, but I will find out!


the reticle "cant problem" you might hear about was with an older run(as I understand it) the reticle was slightly "unlevel", mine is level.

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i just went ahead and bought the acss 4-14 hud also. i have not used or mounted it yet but it seems very well thought out

and while i`ll agree about the brightness,( i also have an M-scope) i cant tell that big a difference.


i`m like you, we will see how it holds up to 7.62 -.308 loads. but was told by the reps i will be taken care of if anything

goes amiss with the scope!

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