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Advice on Adj. Gas Block


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Okay, so now that I've got my barrel ordered, I'm gonna need a gas block, so I was hoping y'all could help me out a little.  I want an adjustable gas block, but I'm a little worried about the adjustment screw creeping out over time, so I'd like one with a locking screw or something.  I'm using a Matrix Aero stripped upper and 13.2" quad rail FF handguard, but the handguard fits flush with the upper for a continuous rail, with a hole through the top rail for the gas tube, so I'm going to have to use a straight tube.  The barrel is a Black Hole Weaponry 20" bbl, so I need around a .936 block, but I won't be able to fit anything until the barrel gets here.  I was looking at the JPGS-8( http://www.jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPGS-8 ), but unless I can find a gas tube that bends up and into the port in the handguard then low profile's pretty much out of the question.  I'd also like to keep it around $100 if possible.  Anyways, y'all got any ideas?

Bear with me, it's after 4 am and I've been working all night.  Can't even get a frickin' hyperlink to work right.... 

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Oh really now?  I've got a feeling I'm going to be taking you up on that offer :)

What size is the gas port, and what kind of set screws does it use?  Have you ever had any problems with the adj. screw walking out? 


Block is stainless steel, gas port is about .145 but its adjustable so it doesn't really matter. #10-32 set screws 1/2" apart on underside. Also #10 set screws for the gas adjustment.  It doesnt look "exactly" like the one in the pic, its missing that sexy radius on the corners and the hole for the tube is drilled through.  I will post actual pics later if you want. I only have the block you need to get your own gas tube. The only place I could find a straight gas tube was  Precision reflex 

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Does this mean the front of the hole for the gas tube is tapped and threaded for the gas adjustment screw. for a neater job?


Are you saying my block isnt neat? <laughs>


It looks just like the above block only the gas tube hole continues thru. The set screw right above the barrel is still there.

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