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My 2010 New Mexico Bull Elk - Archery


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Figured I would post up for your reading enjoyment, took place on September 20, 2010.

Bull started bugling at 5:30 in the evening, figured it was one of the bulls we seen before with now cows, so i just used the cow call and not bugling. He came up the ridge from around 1/2 mile away.

I picked a shooting lane that I was hoping he would come through, downwind. I seen him coming, drew the bow, so what does he do...of course, he stops right before the shooting lane. I held for over a minute, he finally bugles and then steps out and the rest is history. He made it about 100 yards straight down the ridge, of course on the wrong side i needed to pack him out on.

We worked on cutting him up that night, put in game bags, left hanging in the trees, got done about midnight. Went back out the next morning and that was work, 3 trips with two of us and a game cart. Game carts are great, even on the steep hills, pulling them up isn't fun, but better than packing on your back. This bull had a huge body, estimated he was over 900 pounds, just the head, cape and antlers weighed alot.

Anyways, got it all done, and then loaded everything on the Polaris 850. Now that was funny, thats alot of weight, and we put on more than the racks are supposed to handle, but it handled it with a breeze. The hard part was strapping everything down, and keeping that big ole head and antlers from moving.

Bull is a 6x6, scores 354.



i get bored sometimes hunting, and I like to photograph animals also, this little guy was pissed at me, thought it was a funny pic, he tried biting me when I picked him up, but didn't have much for teeth lol:


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thanks for the comments, that is my 7th bull with the bow, taken one cow also (normally only last day, last evening if nothing else is around)....

nothing like hunting elk during the rut, they weren't very vocal this last season, too warm of weather...not many cows in the area, but the few days they did get worked up I was on them....this bull just happen to be the only thing bugling, and early at 5:30 PM....his mistake lol

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