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308 AR parts for sale


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I decided to end my 308 build and sell all my parts to fund house related stuff.  Everything listed is only about a month old, never fired, only manual cycled a few rounds through it for testing. These prices are very low compared to retail. Here's what I have:


FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMS! Paypal (friends and family) preferred, otherwise add extra to cover fee.


Aeroprecision M5 upper receiver (assembled + charge handle)(has a little anti-seize compound on threads) - $130


Aimsurplus Nitride BCG (cycled a few times with little signs of wear)(included spare parts kit) - $145


2nd Aimsurplus Nitride BCG (cycled a few times with minimal signs of wear) $145


Griffin Muzzle Brake (a little anti-seize on the threads) - $75


Magpul OD Green MBUS set (like new) - $30


Mega 16" barrel (has a little anti-seize on it, never fired) - $275


OD green single point sling (from Aimsurplus) - $15


Midwest Industries SS 12" DPMS style handguard (.210 upper tang, barrel nut has a little wear from mounting) - $175


Black Rain (Syrac) low profile adjustable gas block (like new) - $75


Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10x44 scope (looks new other than very small mark from scope ring) - $350


Vortex 30mm 3" offset scope mount (like new) - $75 


Clymer 308 Go/nogo gauges (used once, look new) - $50


Magpul Gen3 mags:

25rd x 1 - $15

20rd x 4 - $60

10rd x 1 - $15

5rd Mag limiters (3-pack) - $5


Aeroprecision M5 complete lower assembly including - $250 (outside Alabama requires FFL)

M5 Carbine buffer tube/kit

SLAP back plate sling mount

Magpul Milspec CTR + .70mm pad

Magpul MOE grip



Misc Parts - $30

308 charge handle

Aeroprecision handle

Spikes Midlength melonite tube + pin

3 x straight trigger guards + mounting pins

1 x Magpul Aluminum trigger guard with pins

1" low profile scope rings

1 x sling loop

buffer retention springs + retention pin

4 x gas tube pins


I have all pictures on my phone.  Will upload them when i get home this evening.  If you want pics now, please PM your number and I'll  text pics.  I work a day job so please be patient regarding shipping.  Give me a few days and I'll have the items on the way.


thanks for looking!

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Sent. Was just wondering what to do with this OD furniture. How about...build a gun around it?


Sent too!



I have bought rifles because I found the correct sling in the discount bin at the LGS, and my last AR build was because I has a spare flat top upper.  Justify it however you need to.

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Still have:

Aero Precision M5 upper & lower - sale pending

Aim BCG x 2

Syrac gas block

Mega 16" barrel

Midwest industries SS 12" handguard - $150

Griffin Muzzle Brake

Magpul 5rd mag limiter 3-pack

Spare parts

OD green single point sling

Vortex scope

Vortex mount


see OP for details and prices.  handguard price was updated to $150 

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What's left of the $30.00 "MISC PARTS" ?


I see there are 2 reticle type for that scope.  Which one is your's?


Is the scope caliber-specific for the .308?



Edited by GRA
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another update:

BCGs, spare parts, misc parts and sling are sold.


remaining stuff:

Syrac gas block

Mega barrel

MI SS 12" handguard (dpms high)

Magpul mag limiters 3 pack

Vortex Viper HS scope


thanks everyone

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