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Islamo Targets: Factories


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Time to hit factories now.  Add that to the list of schools, malls, hotels, bus stops, cafes, and markets.


Most factories may appear well protected but they aren't.  Security is usually armed with only a handgun, if at all, often times at fixed check points/stations.  Here in the USA, many factories insist their workers do not carry firearms or other "weapons".




Remember...everything is a weapon!  Always fight, never comply!


Target priority scale:  1-head, 2-spine, 3-heart.  Kill the computer, kill the machine.

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gee we're lucky most of our manufacturing has gone to mexico or china

I laughed, but then I was saddened........

Thinking about the GM plant that was here in town. I don't think there were armed guards but I don't know if I'd wanna tangle with a lot of the workers in there. My mom also worked in a smaller factory I could walk in with out question. Think a lot of places have gone to locked doors now with a key card I've noticed this more popular in the last 5-8 years in some of my bigger service accounts

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But seriously...who the hell thinks it's a good idea to vacation in Africa right now? Here's your sign.


Fix that for you ;) you know is bad when they won't even run a race there

Guy I know was a missionary in north/centeral Africa, he his wife and their kids had been there the better part of 15 years they even pulled out....

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But seriously...who the hell thinks it's a good idea to vacation in north Africa right now? Here's your sign.

I guess it's nice to see SOMEBODY is paying attention to history.


North Africa is to Western Europe what Mexico is to the USA and Canada.  For those closest to it a dangerous and unstable place.  To those far removed from the daily grind, a wonderful vacation playground.

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