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Dpms Upper Ares receiver


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Hi all first post.

So Im building my first riffle . Ive always been into hand guns but want a riffle . The problem is I live in CT about 5 mins from sandy hook. So any AR style riffle we have to build by 80% and make complaint. Fixed mag , armalock device ect..

So first let me start out by saying Im a machinist , own a CNC machine shop so I have allot of access to machine tool weather at work or my shop. 

I want to build a DPMS LR308 . Ill throw some link in at the bottom.  I want to use this kit and ares dpms receiver. Now while ares description says it fits DPMS doesnt recognize the receiver and wont tell me if the kit I want to buy will fit. 

At first I was going to use PSA kit then I read here and there that there are fitment issues here and there . SO will some one tell me if they know If the DPMS kit I list will fit or not? If not why and what Am I looking for . Im really confused. 




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  The photo's for the Ares Armor show a DPMS configuration of Lower Receiver , but any time you miss match Receivers , you can have fitment issues , its a crap shoot , if you feel lucky , all may work with out a problem . I think the percentages of everything fitting is in your favor though .

  I like to keep both Upper & lower of the Same Manufacturer , if you can , but your situation is different . 

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I found a thread with some one who used that DPMS upper (different barrel I think) and aese 80 lower. Doesnt look bad. 

Im more of a 1911 guy , when it comes to fire arms.  Im getting bored of them though. AR10s seem like a fun project o get into let me use my machine shop . 

Do any of you buy your own barrels and turn them? 


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    The rail heights of the Upper receiver are pre 2009 & post 2009 , with the post 2009 being the lower height ( there is a Pinned Thread on it here  some where ), both have plenty of Free Float Hand Guards available ,there is a DPMS super high target rail height Upper Receiver , but the only one who makes a FF hand Guard for it is DPMS .


    Proprietary parts  AR 10- Barrel Extensions ,Barrel nut ( threads are different ) , Bolts , Firing Pins , Receiver Extension components . These are compared to DPMS components . Go completely with DPMS or Armalite AR 10 , You can use all Receiver Extension & Buffer parts of one or the other , DPMS or AR 10 , No mixing  the two Assemblies .


  Your building a DPMS type 308AR , stick with DPMS components & you should be fine . You can substitute small parts like , AR 10 has a better made Magazine catch , Bolt Catch & some like there Receiver Extension  & Buffer components set up , but its up to you if you want to experiment . I have almost all DPMS pattern components . I have an AR10 Mag catch in one of my 308AR's .


  Others should speak up, because I probably missed something .

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I got it I should be set . Dont mix and match. Im going to stay with the DPMS design .

The more I keep looking at that DPMS upper I dont like it lol . The BCG that goes with it I dont want the hand guard or hi profile  upper receiver . That allot of stuff for 850$ I dont want.

I think Im going to use the same lower , spike tactical upper ,ares nibx bcg , lower kit and dpms bull barrel . Ill probably machine the nut myself . Itll take an hour or so. I may even do a hand guard . 

I have a fourth axis on my machine. 

Ill post pics soon. When I make up my mind. 

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