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Range fail


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7 minutes ago, shepp said:

Atleast it wasn't your loads?!

Who knows? These were some '168gr SMK's ' I bought at the gun show unmarked in baggies. I got home and measured compared to the Sierra MK's and they were 169.5ish grains and quite longer than the Sierras. Meplats looked pretty crappy too, in comparison. I wanted to see if they shot as well as actual SMK's. Oh well, bk to the drawing board!

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If it makes you feel better, we were sighting in for deer season one year buddies dad got a new Nikon scope we talked him into after his from 1985 finally fell apart. So we're shooting and shooting and he's like this things fucking junk it's not adjusting I keep bringing it right and I'm shooting left wtf after a good 45 min we realized that being a half coffee cup into the VO (Canadian whisky) isn't a good time to mount your scope. He had it mounted 90* wrong. Left right was up and down and vise versa

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Well, it looks like the scope mount wasn't the only thing that loosened up. The FF handguard slid forward about a mm and the charge handle (Raptor) flew open a few times from recoil. (Never happened before.) Judging from the flattened primers, I'm pretty sure my loads were a bit too hot. Rattled her up pretty good! Lol. My pet loads, 180gr SGK over 39.5 grains Ar-Comp, proved accurate with nominal recoil. I guess I'll back things off a bit. I was doing load testing with these generic match kings, starting at 41.5, 41.7 and 41.85  gr. Ar-Comp. I had 2 rounds touching with the 41.5 loads and no appreciable primer flattening, so I'll stick with that. Maybe close the gas block half a turn. 

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