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Dpms 308


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Well guys I'm new to the ar-10 world and I have purchased a dpms LR-308 sporticle. Here is my problem the upper receiver that came on the gun, is 1/2 in rail height. No not a 1/8 or 3/16 a 1/2 in so I bought a high profile xts 15 in rail. So now I have to buy a high profile upper receiver. What upper do I need to buy, because I've heard only certain ones work. 

Thanks ,


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ah yess...the goofy "target" height upper strikes again. DPMS doesn't make the "high" uppers anymore so you will most likely need to find a DPMS compatible upper made by someone else. The manufacturers usually specify what profile they use in their product description. 

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any Dpms compatible upper should fit your lower...but there is always some risk when mixing manufacturers with these big frame guns. someone will probably chime in with personal experience, but if you stick with a reputable company you should be ok. I believe Aero Precision use the high rail and are solid uppers.

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Aero fits 2.06 and they are cheap. About 150 bux. The takedown pin holes on aero uppers are a fraction of a millimeter off from some lower receiver takedown pin holes.  The pins still fit but you have to do some pounding to get them in and out.

Just went through the rail height conundrum with a creedmoor I just built. I used an odin rail. The rail is the same in 2.0 and 2.06.  The barrel nut on this particular rail is what makes them line up and odin offers both 2.0 and 2.06 barrel nuts.  

Pics of of your lower receiver might help you get a better answer as to the upper and lower receivers matching up.

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  I agree , photo's will help . You have a factory  DPMS Sport Tactical with the Target Upper Receiver or is it someones Build ?

I assume you have something like this below.


 Fulton Armory has the post 2009 "low " Uppers & they fit Factory DPMS lowers with out issue ( I have one of the pre 2009 high Uppers on my 20" ) 


  If they have them in stock , Tactical Machining LR 308 Uppers ( also Low profile ) fit Factory DPMS Lowers , I have one also , they come with TM's own Receiver Pins because the Factory DPMS ones will not work with the Upper ( tight ) this was a few years ago & they have been out of stock for quit a while , they are moving into a new building & stopped production for a while .

 Many other manufacturers make both the pre 2009 "high " &  post 2009 "low " Uppers , but I have no personal experience with them .

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The issue I've had is that uppers now come in 2.0 and 2.06.  The dpms uppers were super high and you can tell by looking at it that it won't fit your rail. You have to measure the new uppers with a caliper. But if you put a 2.06 rail on a 2.0 upper the rails don't line up and it looks goofy. If the rails don't line up the elevation on iron sights will be off. 

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Aero Precision M5 uppers are dpms high profile and work with high profile rails.  I have them now on three builds.  The trick is to find the high profile rails as they are getting harder to find although I have found some very inexpensive rails that work very well on that dreaded auction site.  I do notice a bit of a challenge with the takedown pins but then I am using off-brand 80% lowers.  After several takedowns and cycles they do loosen up. 

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