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17 minutes ago, Hotwrench said:

Bump stocks now class III

How would this work? Are they serialized? Can this proposed rule be used to describe other devices? This is a big can of worms if they actually open it. I keep hoping they will hit a roadblock and tell people they gave it a try, kinda like they did for the "Contract with America". It would be nice if a political weasel move went in our favor once........

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Hell duct tape is all that is needed to red neck a bump stock.  Do they think duct tape should be class III? My big question is what part of "I support the second amendment" does our president think this move represents?  What's next, match triggers, detachable mags, all semi autos? Chipping away at our rights, chip, chip ,chip, every new action they take like this one, we loose something.  I wonder if whenever a person goes into politics they give them a release from the oath to defend the constitution?  I am sure I didn't get or seek such a release. End rant.

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