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its all drew's fault


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And because of his suppressor buying fury and Obama's proposed move towards class 3 items, I am considering an sbr. Now I am not fully committing until I have the funds, but since I can't silence, this is my choice. So let me know from experience, should I go with our favorite round, the 7.62 or 5.56? Keep in mind, I don't have a 5.56 and will only own one,  not counting momma's stag 3L. Dang lefties.

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I'd vote 5.56 for a few reasons, but that may change depending on how deep your stash of .308 Win ammo is.  That can influence it greatly.

Reasons for 5.56, at least for now. 

* You might only get to build one, if laws were to change and prevented you from building more in the future. 

* You need to train with it, shoot it.  Short ARs are loud.  If the only training area you have is a public range, it's gonna be less annoying to those around you if you're shooting a 5.56 SBR. If you're shooting a .308 SBR, someone's gonna get pissed.  I have heard that the .308 SBRs really don't have much a difference in muzzle blast over the 5.56 guns, though.  <dontknow>

* You need to have at lest one 5.56 gun, so it might as well be an SBR.  5.56 SBR will definitely be able to do things that your .308s can't, like be deployed from a vehicle, not overpenetrate if used indoors (and they're great indoors).

* Stocking up on 5.56 ammo is never a bad thing.  Even if you only have one 5.56 gun, you can do something with the ammo...  trade it to friends, support friends with 5.56 guns, or just keep it.  You can carry a hell of alot more 5.56 over .308 Win rounds, by weight.

Just a few things, others will say something...  <thumbsup>

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What are your state's laws concering AR pistols?  Build it up as a pistol first, and you can still shoot it while you're waiting on the paperwork to get back.  All it takes once you get the stamp back is a receiver extension and stock swap. 

Mine's still sitting in pistol config:


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you know, that's a good question. i'm not sure, and i don't really know where to access that info. i'll try to dig that up. who makes a nice pistol? not to snob out but if i buy a built gun, i want a nice piece that i won't throw out all oe pieces. who makes yours if you don't mind my asking? also i think i can do a carbine stock and make it permanent with roll pins and a tack weld or something along those lines, enough to get it through an inspection and still hold up to what i may put it through.

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who makes yours if you don't mind my asking?

:o  I build all of them myself, brother.  Nobody make them for me.  The only thing a shop has to do with my guns is transfer lowers...  <thumbsup>

ahhh crap, don't bother it looks like ar pistols are not legal here because of the awb...

PM me your state, and I'll see what I can dig up on the AR pistol laws.  I can't believe you can legally own a Short Barreled Rifle, but can't own a semi-pistol.  That's some screwy stuff, right there.  :o

I made one more addition to it - ATF legal addition of the CAA Stock Saddle, for storing my batteries for my light, which is not pictured in this view, unfortunately.  <dontknow>  The next change, pending paperwork approval and addition of the real stock, will only be the rail change.  Waiting for the DD Mk18 RIS II rail to come in.  With that and the stock, it's the finished SBR, even though it's just the AR Pistol right now. 


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