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Weird Grendel Brass


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PPU Grendel brass.  Hmmm...   JB Matt gave me some of this stuff.  It was range pickup, when he was out.  He asked me if I wanted it, and I said sure, I'll reload that stuff and run it. 

So...  why the hell did PPU put large rifle primers in this shiit?!   It went in the trash...


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3 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

So...  why the hell did PPU put large rifle primers in this shiit?

Heard some discussion on this on a reloading podcast. They were split on whether it was a good thing or not but agreed the reason was better ignition in very cold environments. Not something you have to worry about there for sure!

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4 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

dig that brass out of the trash?

30 cents a pound for scrap brass in my neck of the woods, takes a long time to fill a 5 gallon bucket but it buys some ammo when time comes to sell it. $1.40 a pound in trade from Freedom Munitions, they get all my berdan primed stuff since they sold me that batch of crap a few years back. :evil:

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Check the discussions about PPU brass and ammo in the Grendel forum.  I seem to recall PPU recalling some of their grendel stuff.  For grendel brass I just stick with hornady cuz its easier to come by in 123 grain grendel American Gunner ammo.  About 1 MOA out of factory rounds.

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