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First AR10 Build. Help me choose a handguard

Greenwell Armory

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Happy Freedom Friday

I have a BA hanson 18" Barrel with gas block, and I just got an AERO upper. I want to see if I need to verify if a handguard will fit properly over the gasblock. I will probably go with an Aero, but was trying to see if I could find one that I am a dealer for (better pricing). What are your favorites?

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Call Ballistic Advantage and find out of that damn thing is really an AR-10 barrel extension on it, that they built. They state it's AR-10.  Find out what they're doing here.

If it IS an AR-10 barrel extension, you need to run an Armalite AR-10 BCG in that thing.   I've done it - Armalite guts (complete) run in DPMS-based receivers, and mine runs like a raped ape.  

Another thing - they say it's "midlength."  If it's a true Armalite pattern, you'll need the Armalite AR-10 Carbine gas tube on that thing.  Trust me on that.  If they drilled that gas port "halfway in between" DPMS and Armalite specs, you'll need the AR-10 Carbine gas tube anyway.

Specs are out the fucking window these days, man - I'm just sayin'...

Since Aero Precision and Ballistic Advantage are one now, I'm betting that's not an AR-10 barrel extension.  It's gonna be DPMS-based.  But call anyway...

Edited by 98Z5V
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That link to that barrel is so conflicted, it's not even funny.  I have an idea, though - they're a sponsor here.  Let's get them right into this, right now, and break it down...

Ballistic Advantage, please address this issue here. 

There are differences in the Armalite AR-10 barrel extension, and the DPMS-based LR-308 barrel extension.  There are differences between the Armalite AR-10 bolt, and the DPMS-based LR-308 bolt - we've noted those bolt and BCG differences extensively here, on this board.

In advertising, if you're listing something IN your page saying it's an AR-10 barrel - then that's an Armalite AR-10 barrel.  Period.  And it's NOT a DPMS-based LR-308 compatible barrel.

It's apples and oranges.  It really is.

What I ask of you, is that you please lead this industry - that is SO fucked up - and list your barrel for what it really is.  It's a barrel for a ".308AR".  That's all it is.  It's DPMS-based, later, when you read through your link to the barrel - and it's definitely NOT an AR-10 barrel, yet you primarily list it as that.

Let the people figure it out, and stop the clickbait of "AR-10" - when it's not.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Tom-Ass.

Edited by 98Z5V
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8 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Criterion is a sponsor here.  Let's get them right into this, right now, and break it down...

Did you mean BA since it is a link to their barrel? 

Just checked Criterion, they use AR-10 on the main page for the category but title the page 308 AR. I'm sure this has something to do with search terms, more hits if AR-10 is on the page. Armalite used to be fairly aggressive asking for corrections but haven't heard of that for years now.

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