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Veteran's Day Range Day


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Went out with Gun Pusher John (GP John) this morning.  He took his Creedmoor and I took the .260 Rem and the 18" heavy Grendel.

We went to the long side.  We have a new lasered distance out there now.  We set steel out at 200, 300, 500, 845 and 1,002 yards. 

Here was the view from the top of the shooting berm...  The 500 and 1k are to the left of the pic.  200, 300 and 845 are to the right.


Here's a closer pic of the 500 and 1k.


Here' how we painted the 1k - DAMN, was this easy to see through the scopes!


I made final load development on the .260, and took extra loads with me.  I have a perfect load for that thing now, for certain.  I didn't have a large amount of ammo for it, so I shot the 500 yard guy out there, and put the rest at the 1k.  It was tough to call any kind of splash, due to the vegetation around,on the way out to it.  Looking through a scope, itlooked like it was in a pile of bushes, even though it wasn't.  Spotting was a biotch today.  Winds were SUCKING BAD, we were 8-to-10 the whole time, directly from the south, so it was a tough left-to-right wind to deal with. I didn't even try the heavy Grendel at the 1k - no way to spot it, and I only brought out the dope sheet for the .260. 

One hit each on the 1k - One Creedmoor, one .260. I watched GP John cork that thing right in the middle, almost on that white square. There's a 3rd hit on that plate, top right side, right on the edge by the bolt.  That belongs to GP John.


I did put the heavy Grendel on everything else - first hits made on the 845, then I shot the chain.  After that, it was a swinger, and you had to time it...



The 500 got tore up pretty good...


The heavy Grendel was eating the 300 alive...   :laffs:


The 200 was a little guy - I think it was a 6" gong.  It took some punishment, at that distance...


Hell of a great way to start the day, right there, men.  :thumbup:


11 Nov 18 200 300 and 845.jpg

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