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SI Defense Upper Receiver Vise Block


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Check this out!  Aluminum block for both AR 15 and AR 308 uppers.  Flip it over for rail work. 


SI Defense AR-15 and AR-308 is designed for assembling and maintaining any AR-15/M-16 and AR-308 upper receiver or upper assembly. It features mounting for the pivot /takedown pins and for the picatinny rail. This is an all-in-one vice block. No need for multiple blocks. Rigid and durable, this vice is a must for any assembly or maintenance for your AR rifle.

SPECS: Made from billet 6061 aluminum, anodized black, steel snap pins for the pivot/takedown lugs, and a thumbscrew for the picatinny rail.

I wish this was available a year ago!

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  Well, I took the plunge and bought one of these. Here is my take on it. I tried it out on my Bushmaster AR15 first, as I still have yet to receive my LR308. It looks great, and is made pretty well. It's just a solid piece of aluminum that has been milled out. I pinned my upper in the rig and was somewhat disappointed by the fit. The groove is just a hair too wide, allowing for some rocking action side to side. It could be the pins are smaller diameter than the holes in the upper too. I'll check that out tonight. It will serve it's purpose, but considering all AR15 parts are pretty much the same size you would think you could get a slightly tighter lockup. The pins they sent were like what you would see on a three point tractor hitch (ring type), not that they won't do the job, but they don't have a way to keep them in place. I will look for a pin that has a locking type ball on the end or something.

  The part where you can lock a rail up works ok, the dove tail is milled the entire length of the block. This means you have to slide it on from the end. It would be a good way to work on the inside of the upper on any rifle. I thought I would try it out on several rifles and shotguns. If the front sight is too close, you won't be able to slide it on from the muzzle end. It will work on most flat tops, and I even got my Saiga 12 to lock up in it. It would not work on my WASR as I couldn't slide it on from either end (sights in the way on both ends).

  I give this product a 3 on a scale of 5. It will do what it is supposed to do, but for the money spent it should have been built a little bit better. By the time you add shipping you are spending over a hundred bucks, and a hundred bucks for a vice block with a lot of slop is a little steep to me.


It is the pins. They are a little small in diameter, allowing the upper to twist some. I will be looking for some new ones this weekend.

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