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Sig Sauer BDX

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Been wanting a new range finder, my old nikon aculon has been pretty good, but a couple complaints is limited to 550 yards(reflective) and the display info is in black(target shooting is fine, but lacks in low light and on animals or in the woods, gets lost easily to my eyes).

Researched the BDX after watching a few videos, being a bit techy, it appealed to me.

Packaging is nice, magnetically closed lid!




Couple photos comparing range finder view(best I could do with cellphone)



Nikon Aculon


Size comparison


I bought the combo kit with the Serria3BDX, 4.5-14x44


Weight wise, I'd say it's comparable to a primary arms, or Bushnell engage. Definitely heavier than Leupold. Glass is great, I'm not an optics connoisseur, but it's hard for me to see a difference between the glass on this scope, versus that of the Leupold VX3i or Nikon Black fx1000.

Some won't like the reticle, it's thicker than the two previous mentioned scope's reticle as well as the engage. I've got a Nikon buckmaster scope(my dad's) that the glass is less than great, but has a reticle a bit thicker than this Sig BDX.

The illuminated dots for windage and elevation are considerably finer than the actual reticle. It'll also let you know if you are canted right or left(you can adjust this in the Sig BDX app from 1° on up).

For those that have never heard of the BDX system, the range finder and scope can be paired together via Bluetooth using your smartphone, and the Sig BDX app. They can be used independent of each other, but that doesn't take full advantage.

Once paired. Zero the scope to whatever distance you want(100yards recommended). Once zeroed, you can range your target, the range finder highlights the appropriate elevation dot, and windage, then just put dot on target and shoot. Of course you'd need to have your ballistics entered in to your app, up to 25 ballistics can be saved. Whatever ballistics you have open in you app is sent to the scope, the scope uses that information along with user entered wind data, and range finder distance and elevation to set optimal reticle elevation dot displayed in the scope. It's supposed to be accurate to 1 MOA, from the videos I've watched, it appears to be just that, we'll see. 

The kilo 1800 ranges to 1200 yards on animals, 2000 yards reflective. It'll adjust scope out to 800 yards with a 100 yard zero on the scope

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