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No Greater Love.......


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This is where the pain comes from for myself. Knowing that good ones must fall to stop bad ones from approaching their goals of total destruction.

And as a side note, mayhaps the news has turned a corner on how these killings have occurred. Finally. No more stories about shooter blah, blah,blah; but, more stories of how persons are stopping them. This is just a start, but a positive step in the possibility of reducing copycat situations.

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 yep yep I've already seen that they've started going towards letting everyone know the name and other stuff about the idiots. They released the name of the older guy, and apparently the underage killer is a transgender. Don't mind the fact that most of the young people that are transgender wannabe, transgender I think I am, I wasn't what I was meant to be, all have started with mental issues that needed to be addressed without slicing and dicing and drugs to fix your physical sexual organs.

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I think that the fact ais s not being happy today, has to do with a lot of the young people, and even older people, being raised or coddled thinking that they don't have to work or pay for anything in a difficult way. That leaves a lot of people in a situation where mentally they are not very well adjusted to reality.


 just look at all of a sudden it is so easy and just look at all of a sudden it is so easy and common to see people running around screaming that they are either not a man or a woman or whatever they were born as. If I am not mistaken, gender dysphoria used to be classified as a mental illness. Now it is just something that needs to be medically fixed by whoever decides that they don't want to be something anymore

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